Posted by: Hil | November 16, 2008

My Weekend, in Pictures

Dear readers, I am in the process of writing what will eventually be a 40 page paper (hopefully before Thanksgiving!) and I am all written out.  Please accept my relatively taciturn post and give me some credit for cooking real food while in the throws of a paper writing spree and in the middle of a frugal challenge!

Friday’s dinner: peanut noodles with shrimp and mixed stir-fry vegetables.  Can anyone say pantry/freezer raid?  Yummy.


Lots of homemade trail mix for snacks.  The spicy peanuts make it.


Spanish tortilla with a side of spinach for Saturday night.  Cheap and tasty, and I avoided near disaster in preparation.


To make:  very thinly slice an onion and roughly a pound of potatoes.  Cook in a frightening amount of oil for 10-20 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked and soft.  Keep the heat on the low side and resist the temptation to make the potatoes all brown and crispy.   Remove the potatoes and onions and set aside.  Drain the oil from the pan.


Now, pour six beaten eggs into the pan and add the potatoes and onions back in, preferably in a pretty, flat layer.  Season.  Cook until well set on one side, then invert onto a plate and slide back into the pan.


Easier said than done, I know.  Mine broke.  It still tasted good.  Cut into servings creatively, garnish with parsley and no one will notice.   Or if they notice, they will forget once they taste it.  This probably makes 3 or 4 main dish servings, but the Lemonator was very pleased with it and there wasn’t any left at the end of the meal.


For dinner tonight, a white meal:  roasted leeks and cauliflower covered with melted part-skim mozzarella.


And baking powder biscuits.  It has been years since I’ve eaten one of these.  I also had an orange for dessert, which I suppose makes my meal less than white, but I forgot to photograph it, so it doesn’t count.


Foodie friends, please wish me luck on my paper, and bear with me if I’m around a bit less over the next few days.  This next week is going to be insane.  But Thanksgiving will just be insanely yummy, and I will definitely be sure to document all of it.  Until then, I am doing my best!



  1. Wow, great eats! Can’t wait to hear about how US celebrates Thanksgiving! Cheers!

  2. good luck!

  3. SPICY peanuts in trailmix sound soooooo good!! YUM!! and your salad with sesame seeds looks so good, too!! Have a (Quick) and smooth week!

  4. Fun & delicious weekend! 🙂

  5. good luck!!

  6. hehehe…..frightening amount of oil, too funny!

  7. OMG – your “pantry raid dish” looks FLIPPING wonderful, and I just got so hungry lookign at the onion, potato, egg dish – YUM!

  8. Good luck! Baking powder biscuit recipe?

    Also I LOVE Spanish tortillas. So good! The oil always freaked me out too:)

  9. Your spanish tortilla looks really good!

    Good luck on your paper!
    Love your blog!

  10. Good luck on your paper!

  11. Good luck with your paper!!!!

    At least it looks like a delicious, if not very fun, weekend. 😀


  12. Good luck with the paper, and beautiful food! Esp the biscuits.

  13. 40 pages? Lord almighty! Do whatever you need to Hil!

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