Posted by: Hil | November 21, 2008

I’m Alive

I am in fact alive, but I am still completely buried under this paper.  I miss you all and I will be back for real very soon.  In the meantime, I thought I would offer a quick peak at what I’ve been eating over the past few days.  Clockwise, from top left:  “strawberry crisp” (microwaved strawberries with granola); Hiberian brown bread; whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce, vegetables and a fried egg; curried lentils with bacon and spiced cabbage; spinach salad with goat cheese and bacon; whole wheat pretzels.

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I am still completely swamped and I feel like I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth when it comes to cooking real food.  Does anyone have any low-effort healthy recipes they would be willing to share?  It doesn’t have to be fast per se…I just don’t want to have to spend a lot of time actively cooking in the kitchen right now.  Since I’m still doing the Thanksgiving Challenge (I think we’re up to about $94, but I would have to check), inexpensive recipes are a plus.  Thank you!



  1. Hooray!!!! 😀

    Hang in there with it all!!

    For recipes = can’t go wrong with bean & vegetable mix dishes.

  2. My favorite easy meal is sauteed chicken, seasoned with S+P and drizzled with a little olive oil. Mix with some sort of grain (you can make it into a sandwhich with lettuce, tomato, and cheese) or some rice of some sort. Simple & Dellish! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING!

  3. Maque choux! It’s fantastic.

    I think that what you do is: cook some chicken in a frying pan (cut it into slightly smaller pieces and coat with flour first) with just a smidgeon of oil, then toss in canned corn, diced tomato, onion, and green pepper, and some milk. Hm.. there’s some spices to add in too but I can’t think of what they are. Anyway, its super tasty. If I can find the recipe I will be back with it:)

  4. I feel your pain. I’m in law school too heading into finals. Here are some favorites that are super quick.

    1. Quick corn tortilla tacos:
    Brown 2 corn tortillas in pan w/ small amt of olive oil.
    Fill with some kind of cooked protein or eggs. (My current favorite is 1 can of sardines w/ bones removed topped with parsley and mustard)

    English Muffin Pizzas are always tasty

    Pizza crust from Trader Joes is pre-made and quick.

  5. Something with brown rice… sweet and sour veggies & tofu maybe?

  6. hang in there and good luck!

  7. Tonight I microwaved a sweet potato (you could bake it too, but I was hungry and in a hurry) and mixed up some kidney beans (any beans would do, black would be AWESOME, but I didn’t have any made or canned), canned tomatoes w/ chilis, some chopped onion, cumin, and garlic. I topped the sweet potato with that, some cheese, and greek yogurt. YUM!

  8. Sending you more good luck vibes on the paper!

  9. Oh and for a quick food, I would say get something like english muffins or wheat pre-made pizza crusts and load them up with different things and pop
    em in the oven. Could be PB and banana one day, spinach and feta another day, mozz. and tomatoes another …

  10. the easiest foods in my opinion are those that essentially cook themselves. i eat a lot of beans, whole grains and roasted veggies. it’s all inexpensive, hearty, healthy and comforting. just throw in some spices, whatever other veggies you have, some left over sauces, or some cheese, and you’ve got a million versatile meals. so simple and there’s almost no work involved!

  11. sorry you are feeling swamped! hang in there!! All of your eats look delicious!!

    Fast recipes for me: anything you can throw in the oven to bake: whole acorn squashes (or any squash), sweet potatoes, tofu, okra, asparagus…..they only take a few cuts, little or no seasoning, and BAM- you’re good to go!

    Black beans mixed with any veggie is also really good…throw in a veggie burger cut up, or some cheese on top, and you’re set!

  12. hand in there, girl!! you aren’t alone in this madness of paper writing. i have 4 due after break, but i did 1 today. thank god.

    my favorite, easy meals are english muffin sandwiches, roasted spaghetti squash with sour cream, veggie burgers, and sweet potatoes with maple syrup. the squash is my favorite out of those. they fill me up and are really good for you.

  13. Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions! I will definitely make use of some of them over the next few days.

    Four days until Thanksgiving…

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