Posted by: Hil | November 25, 2008

Checking In

My paper is still eating me alive, but I wanted to check in with all of you quickly.  I am very behind on my blog reading, but I miss all of you and I can’t wait to check in again!

I have had very little time or energy to think about food these last few days. The Lemonator has been taking care of me and cooking me dinner most nights, as I am leaving my computer pretty much only to eat, sleep or exercise.  Here are a few of his latest offerings:

Whole wheat noodles with tofu, spinach, soy sauce and sesame oil.  This is really just a dressed up version of one of my childhood favorites:  ramen noodles with soy sauce and sesame oil, a.ka. “noonoo.”  (Yes, I know.)  But it is comfort food of the highest order.  The spinach and tofu are entirely optional, but they tasted good and I figured that getting some protein and vegetables into my system was probably wise.


The Lemonator was especially proud of this creation:  whole wheat orzo with shrimp and mixed vegetables in lemon butter sauce.


Last night, I actually worked up the motivation to cook!  Go me!  I made roast chicken, creamed spinach, and an appetizer of sweet potato fries (unpictured).  This was so good!  The spinach is a wonderful cheap dish.  I use frozen spinach, thawed and with all the excess liquid squeezed out.  Then, you make a little white sauce in your pan.  You can make a roux and then add milk, or you can just use half and half or cream.  (Either works, but if you use milk, you definitely need to use a roux or some other kind of thickening agent.)  At any rate, you add the spinach to your pan, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg, melt in a handful of shredded cheese of your choice, and let it cook for a few minutes.  Yum.


Exciting News:  we have bought what we believe are our last groceries before Christmas, and we finished the Thanksgiving Challenge at around $114 dollars.  Not too bad!

I will leave you with a spot of holiday cheer:  Snoop Dog making mashed potatoes with Martha Stewart.  This is priceless.



  1. You’re so lucky that the Lemonator is such a good cook!!

    Good luck with the paper – sounds intense.


    Oh man, I laughed out loud when I saw Snoop on Martha’s show the other morning (and hearing Martha attempt to talk like him 😀 ).

  3. You do not know how much that vid made me laugh. Oh lord.

  4. Snoop dawg and martha?! Rapping and baking! =)

  5. The orzo with shrimp sounds super tasty!

    Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart, now THERE’S a combo I never would’ve expected to hear about!

  6. That video is seriously priceless! It made my morning. Good luck with your paper. You are going to have so much to celebrate when you turn it in. There’s no better feeling!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Well at least you are getting good eats. Thanks for the funny video – Snoop Dog + Matha = hilarious.


  9. Hope you are doing well!

    Oh, yeah, I am a closet snoop fan.

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