Posted by: Hil | December 4, 2008

Food Ad Watch

I know that others have ably covered this one already (esp. Hangry Pants during their HFCS awareness challenge), but what would a food ad watch be without a recognition of the Corn Refiners Association ads promoting high fructose corn syrup.  I know these ads have sparked a lot of controversy, and I may be alone in thinking that these ads are an absolutely hilarious send up of people who look down their nose at the villainous food item of the month without having any idea what is so wrong with the despised ingredient in question.  Now, the CRA may be hoping that after watching these ads, consumers will simply stop worrying about whether HFCS is bad for them.  But I hope that these ads will instead prompt people to actually do their research and make their own decisions about what they put into their mouth rather than going along with the health fad of the moment.

In more recent news, Splenda has come out with a new line of artificial sweeteners with added fiber.  I must confess that I have no idea who this is marketed toward.  I suppose it might make sense as something geared toward the last of the extreme low carb dieters, but that doesn’t seem to be the thrust of the ad at all.  The idea that normal people will eat more Splenda if the manufacturers add a little bit of of something healthy that anyone who eats vegetables is unlikely to need.  It boggles my mind that this strategy works, but it seems to have been working for breakfast cereal companies for awhile now.  Oh, and what kind of kid eats Splenda on her breakfast cereal???  I understand that parents don’t want kids ingesting too much sugar, but does a child that age really need to be afraid of a spoonful of sugar on her cereal–especially when that cereal looks suspiciously like oatmeal?

Thoughts?  Reactions?



  1. Both of those commercials made me laugh out loud. “Sweet!” 🙂 I am in total agreement with you on that kid with the cereal – I’ve never been a fan of putting sugar on cereal anyway, so seeing an ad for SPLENDA on cereal is even more crazy too me.

    I’m sure that the ad will work on some people, but really I don’t think there is much Splenda can do to market their product more than they already have. People who are going to buy it are already buying it, and I don’t think they are going to sway the veggie-eaters just by adding a little fiber!

  2. Oh who thinks of these things. If we are confessing things, I must confess that I probably would have bought that odd fiberific splenda not too long ago. I used to think added fiber was the best thing since … sliced wheat bread. I am over that and splenda.

  3. I agree with eatingbender, they just made me laugh. They are so ridiculous. It’s kind of sad how uninformed the public is that industries can actually expect these commercials to help their products. Yuck.

  4. YES, I love that you put up the corn syrup one on your blog. I think it’s ridiculous…I feel like someone should put out an anti-one…have a little mac/microsoft rivalry but with food.

    I imagine Splenda with added fiber might taste like crap. I also don’t know who that would be marketed for….leave the damn children alone!

    have, love these posts. Thanks!

  5. Ooh I could rant on and on about these issues… I’ll try to control myself:)

    I don’t understand the whole “let’s add fiber to EVERYTHING” hype that’s going on. Why not just eat food that has fiber in it? It’s really not that difficult to get enough fiber in our diet from real food.

    These ads do make me laugh, but they also do WORK on way too many people. It’s awful. Food manufacturers and the media are so good at misleading consumers- and even at outright lying.

  6. I guess they are trying to market everything that people seem to have a hype about. Next it is going to be boxes of cereal with omega-3’s… Wait, that has already happened!

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