Posted by: Hil | December 4, 2008

Surviving at School


I had a very long day today.  I had review sessions in the morning and evening and stayed at school all day in between to study.  And because I had to rush straight from school to choir practice, I didn’t get home until 9:30 at night.  I grabbed a couple of snacks on my way out the door in the morning, but I had to purchase all of my meals at school today.  There are always lots of Very Bad Ideas lurking at the cafe by the law school, but with a bit of strategy I can usually get by pretty well.  My saving grace is that I have a couple of places on campus where I can buy big containers of healthy soups for very little money.  For lunch, I was delighted to see that my law school cafe had my favorite: Lentil, vegetable and chicken soup.  I can make better stuff at home, but when I’ve been studying hard all morning, there is nothing like a bowl of hot, nourishing legumes to make me feel human again.

For dinner, I went with a slightly fancied up version of the same idea.  I made the trek over to the main student union because their salad bar is much better and they usually have about five varieties of soup rather than two.  And that’s not counting all of the great Asian soups you can get at the nearby Japanese section of the food court.  Today they had a new option I’d never seen before:  chickpea soup.  I have no idea what spices they put in it, but it was delicious.  The stew had beautiful pieces of carrot and different colored bell peppers floating in it, and the broth was thick enough to be satisfying without being heavy.  I rounded out dinner with a whole grain roll, a mixed green salad, and some pineapple.  I love these assorted, colorful salad bar dinners, and as long as I can resist the temptation to load down my greens with a bunch of heavy vegetables, it isn’t an expensive way to eat.


In other good news, that mixed green salad is the first serving of raw vegetables that I have managed since getting sick…I’ve eaten plenty of veggies cooked into oblivion in soup, but this was my first serving of fresh, raw greens since that stupid stomach bug blind-sided me.  And I actually felt hungry today for the first time, too.  I am very happy!



  1. Ahh, I hope your Friday isn’t as long, girl!! Hang in there with get well soon!!

  2. Nice choices! I’m sorry your day was so long.

  3. Mmm love soup and stew. Always good for when you’re trying to get better!

  4. Duh! I keep forgetting about you have branched out. My school is over next week and I am definitely going to catch up on this blog. Sorry to hear about your virus. It must be something in the air because my whole family just recovered from it the week of Thanksgiving as well.

  5. Great eats! Fresh raw greens are great!

  6. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Sickness during finals would have been terrible!

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