Posted by: Hil | December 6, 2008

Studying all Saturday


Finals still own my soul at the moment, but I’m surviving!  I made the happy discovery yesterday that my humble little dried mushroom, carrot and leek soup from earlier this week tastes fantastic after it’s been given a little time to sit and the flavors have married.  It was really surprisingly rich and delicious for something with so few ingredients.  I will definitely make this again…I am delighted to have found a use for my huge container of dried mushrooms!  Next time I might even use a bit of water in place of some of the broth–I think the soup would still have plenty of flavor.

For lunch today, the husband and I tried out a new farm-to-fork deli.  It was a simple little place with a short menu, but the food was quite good.  I ordered a sandwich with smoked salmon, cucumber, sorrel, and avocado on rye bread.  I ended up taking off the top slices of bread and eating the sandwich open face.   I generally prefer open face sandwiches unless the sandwich has lots of filling…otherwise the filling seems overwhelmed.  The sandwich was very good….a nice mix of crunchy and creamy and salty and sour.  The sorrel was a particularly delicious foil to the rich salmon and avocado.  Sorrel is a sour, slightly lemony tasting green that is absolutely delicious.  We had a sorrel plant in my backyard growing up, and I would always pick the leaves and eat them right off the of the plant.  I’ve never eaten them in an actual dish, so I’m very happy to have figured out a culinary use for them.



Dinner was simple, but yummy: flank steak and spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  It makes me very happy to be able to eat a plate of solid food again.


I hope everyone is having a good weekend!



  1. Wow, that sandwich looks delicious! And dinner looks awesome too! Very pretty eats!

  2. soup is always better the next day! …. or the next week. Happy studying. by the way, that English muffin or whatever it is looks delicious.

  3. Sorrel sounds good. I am glad you’re back on the solid foods. Good luck studying.

  4. Studying tons here too – hang in there, Hil!!

  5. good luck w/ the studying – i know you’ll do great on your finals!

  6. Wow that’s such a nourishing meal. 🙂 Keep plowing through girl!

  7. There’s not much better than a steak salad!

    I like to have open faced sandwiches sometimes, too. I purposely always get “thins” bread at the store because I usually don’t like lots of bread when I’m having sandwiches… it gets to be too much.

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