Posted by: Hil | December 7, 2008

Asian-Inspired Orzo with Beef and Vegetables


Dinner tonight was one of those happy clean-out-the-fridge ideas that ended up being very delicious.  The Lemonator was in the mood for whole wheat orzo, so together we raided the fridge for suitable things to add to it.  While the orzo cooked (about 6 oz. for the two of us), I chopped up a carrot, half a bell pepper, a quarter head of cabbage and a big handful of spinach.  I added the carrots and pepper to a pan with a splash of broth and covered until they were beginning to soften.  After a few minutes, I added the cabbage, then the spinach.  When the orzo was cooked, we drained it and added it to the pan with the vegetables.  We cut up some of the leftover flank steak from yesterday and added that, as well.  We seasoned our dish with sesame oil and soy sauce and garnished with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.  It was a great one dish meal with a nice variety of flavors and textures.  Next time, I might kick up the flavor a notch with some ginger and garlic.

To me, there is no better dessert to a meal with Asian flavors than a perfectly juicy orange, so I had one to round out my dinner.  This was, however, just about the biggest orange I have ever seen in my life and I only ended up eating half of it.  I have never tried to keep part of an orange in the fridge after peeling it before, so we will see if it survives until breakfast!




  1. Mmm, delicious!

  2. Let us know what happens with the orange- now I’m curious. I don’t think I’ve ever only eaten half an orange and saved the other bit for later, either.

    The orzo looks amazing!

  3. Must try. Looks delicious! BYW, where do you get whole wheat orzo. I have seen regular but can never find whole wheat…Roni uses it also.

  4. Christine–whole wheat orzo can be a little bit hard to find, but I found some from a brand called Garden Time Organic at Whole Foods. It was tucked away in a somewhat hidden spot on the pasta shelf. Orzo is one of my very favorite types of pasta, so it was well worth the hunt!

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