Posted by: Hil | December 15, 2008

Simple Pleasures


I have a teapot.  This is possibly the biggest news around here since I bought a table a few weeks back.  I found it on sale at a local thrift shop and I adore it.  It is cast iron with a nice enamel lining, so it holds heat in wonderfully and I love how it looks.  This teapot is a tool of maintaining my sanity during finals season.  (Speaking of which, one down, two and a paper to go.)  I have an assortment of beautiful loose leaf herbal teas that a friend brought me back from China, so I decided to make a mug of mixed flower tea for my inaugural pot.  I added chrysanthemum, Chinese yellow flowers, rosebuds (my favorite) and a sprinkling of cooking lavender that I found at Worlds market.


The tea that came out was so fragrant and delicious.  Drinking tea loose leaf from a tea pot is somehow much more special and soothing than drinking it out of a tea bag.  And the flavor is much better.


In other news, the Lemonator is taking care of me and making me lots of good food.  He baked chocolate chip cookies for my study group (a big hit) and is currently whipping up a batch of spinach soup for dinner.


I am completely exhausted after my final today.  I’m going to study for a bit, then take the evening off to recuperate.  Wish me luck on the rest of my finals!



  1. I collect teapots 🙂

    Get enough rest after the draining exam!!

  2. Mmm, tea!

  3. It’s so pretty! Making your own flavour of tea sounds v. cool.


  4. Nice teapot! I have a ceramic one that you put the water and lose tea in on top and I love it!

    Uggh. Sorry about the exhaustion. Good luck!

  5. What a sweetie. Baking ya’ll cookies. Love.
    That’s a gorgeous teapot!

  6. Beautiful teapot! I’ve asked about 3 different people to get me one for Christmas. I’m hoping to amass a large collection of teapots. 😀

  7. That is such a cute teapot! I myself don’t have one, but I buy one every year for my mother in law who collects them.

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