Posted by: Hil | December 21, 2008

Expect the unexpected


I was supposed to be on a plane all day today.  Unfortunately, Seattle has been hit by a rather nasty storms and our flight (and then our replacement flight after that) was canceled.  At this point, it’s looking like we might not be able to get to see the Lemonator’s family until Monday.  He has been alternately on hold and getting hung up on for the last hour or so trying to reschedule (again).  At times such as these, we really just want something hot and flavorful and comforting.  And given that we were planning on being out of town, we need something that we can cook without much in the way of fresh produce.   Indian dinner to the rescue!  I made a simple chickpea curry with canned chickpeas, onion, canned tomato, and roasted red bell pepper slices from a jar.  I love adding all kinds of vegetables to this dish, but it still works with just the basics.  I flavored it with curry powder, cardamom, cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper and lots of fresh garlic and ginger.  To go with it, the husband made saag, which is just pureed spinach (he used frozen) cooked with onion, garlic and spices and finished with a little cream.  The saag was amazing…really creamy, but not too rich or heavy.  I had a big helping of seconds.


In other news, Blueberry Sis is engaged!!!!!  I knew it was coming, but as an older sister, it is my prerogative to be excited and generally freaked out that my baby sister is getting married!



  1. Congrats Blueberry Sis!!!!

    Chickpeas to the rescue!!! I hope you get out to Seattle safely.

  2. Hang in there with the delayed flights and weather conditions!!


  3. Sorry to hear about the fight. Hope all goes well. And congratulations to your sister!

  4. im sorry your flight was cancelled, but your meal looks delicious & warm.

  5. your curry looks amazing!!!! congrats to your lil sis 🙂

  6. Congrats little sissy!!!!
    The saag looks great, I’ve never had it – I wonder if I could substitute something for the cream…

  7. Surprisingly, I actually used very little cream in the recipie… just a few Tablespoons, if that. It’d probably taste just as good without, and I’ve heard that you can use milk and oil to get the same effect.

  8. Congrats Blueberry sis!!!!! I’m so excited for youuuu 🙂

  9. So exciting for your sister!

    Your curry looks fantastic. Am sorry to hear about the weather preventing the flight from happening.

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