Posted by: Hil | January 7, 2009

Vegetable Soup to the Rescue


After a great holiday full of rich food, there is something very comforting about easing back into lighter, nutritious everyday fare.  One of my favorite things to do post-holiday (or during holiday, for non-exciting meals) is to make up a big pot of vegetable soup to have as my go-to meal.  Since I’m doing a full-time externship this semester instead of taking classes, I have less time to make dinner on most nights of the week.  Thus, a make-ahead food like soup is particularly appealing.  Tonight’s soup was extremely simple:  Mire poix (diced carrot, celery and onion), a can of corn, a can of diced tomatoes, 2 cups of vegetable broth, 2 cups of water, fresh parsley, cumin, oregano, salt and pepper.  At the end, I also added in a few jolts of Tabasco sauce, which gave it the perfect hot-on-your-throat-not-on-your-tongue amount of heat.

This soup really hit the spot today.  I needed something hot and healthy in my system after weeks of cold weather and rich food.  I think that vegetable soup is going to really help me over the next couple of months.  In the winter, I really prefer cooked vegetables to raw, but roasting vegetables takes so long!  I love roasted vegetables and I typically consider the time spent well worth it, but I think that getting into a soup habit will be a more realistic week-night vegetable source.



  1. Comforting!!

  2. I agree with you – nothing better than soup in the winter and vegetables post Christmas!

  3. Mmm, tabasco sauce MAKES the soup.

  4. I just love vegetable soup! All those warmed veggies soothes the soul on a colder winter’s day!

  5. I loooove veggie soup. The one from Panera is my favorite, BUT I do have a slow cooker, so I should probably make my own! Soup is definitely the best comfort food in winter…next to oatmeal 😉

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