Posted by: Hil | January 19, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  Mine was very busy, but lovely nonetheless.  Here were a few of the highlights, culinary and otherwise.

1.  Friends.  We had two good college friends come visit this weekend.  We had lots of fun with them, which is much of why my posting has been sparse the last few days. 

2.  Trader Joe Indian Fare.  The list of convenience food that I like is very short, but these Trader Joe Indian dishes are officially on the list.  They come in vacuum-sealed pouches and can be heated in either the microwave or a pot of boiling water.  The flavors are great.  I don’t recommend the Saag Paneer–the texture of the cheese is somehow off–but every other flavor I’ve tried has been delicious.  This is great for days when you need dinner to be done in a few minutes.


3.  Space.  A one-bedroom apartment opened up just down the hall from us and we are moving in two and a half weeks!  I am so excited!  Our little studio has served us well, but I can’t wait to have a little more space and a few internal walls.

4.  Grilled sandwiches, preferably with melting cheese.  I am officially on a grilled cheese kick.  The sandwich on the left is grilled steak and cheese with horseradish on farmer’s market sourdough and the one on the right is grilled mozzarella and pesto on Ezekiel bread.  And of course, a side salad of spinach and balsamic vinaigrette for each.  For a real treat, try a grilled chocolate and strawbery sandwich as a snack/dessert.  Delicious.

CIMG0494  CIMG0502

5.  Yoga.  I went to a class on Saturday that was much, much better.  It wasn’t as hard as the classes I used to take, but it moved along at a very respectable pace.  Our instructor was very hands on with making everyone had proper form, so I felt like I could really challenge myself to align myself properly even when the pace was moderate.  I will be back at that class again!

6.  Pitfire PizzaI love this restaurant.  It serves fresh, made-to-order pizzas, pasta and salad.  I always get their signature chopped salad, which is a mixture of lettuce, radicchio, arugula and other greens with a light vinaigrette and lots of antipasto-inspired toppings chopped in:  marinated veggies, olives, cheese, cured meats, etc.  It’s one of my favorite things:  kicky and colorful and light, but with just enough richness.


The Lemonator opted for a garlic chicken and pesto calzone over a bed of Caesar salad.  I stole two bites from this and would have stolen more if I had been allowed.  It was very, very good:  crunchy on the outside, melty and gooey on the inside.  The chicken inside was flavorful and juicy.  And the portion was very generous.




  1. #1, 2, 3, and 5 = mine too!! 😀

  2. I have also been on a grilled cheese kick.

    Glad you enjoyed the yoga!

  3. loved your favorite things! i’m loving all the same stuff too 🙂

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Love all your favorite things. Perfect and wonderful list!

    I love sandwiches too, especially the grilled ones!

  5. I love grilled cheese. Bread and cheese w/ tomatoes to be exact.

    I know you don’t like a lot of packaged foods, so I will definitely take your recommendation of the TJs Indian Food and get some next time I am there.

  6. Just saw your comment on HangryPants – YOGA COUNTS! (In my opinion anyway.) I’m glad to see it’s one of your favorite things 😀

  7. I remember having grilled cheese as a kid everytime I went on picnics. Those were great times!

    I am glad that you enjoyed your yoga class. Yoga can be so great if it is at the right pace!! 🙂

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