Posted by: Hil | January 21, 2009

One Day

First of all, I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post.  Your kind words really meant a lot to me.  Thank you so much.

I’ve found myself in the culinary doldrums the last few days, which I attribute in large part to my new externship.  Our office kitchen always seems to have doughnuts, cookies, bagels or other treats lying around.  While I’ve been relatively moderate in my indulgences, I’ve eaten enough that I haven’t been very hungry at meal times.   Thus, I end up in a snacking cycle: nibbling on this and that all day long without ever settling down to a thoughtful, complete meal.  But sometimes all it takes to break out of a food rut is just one day of thoughtful cooking and eating.  I made it my mission to have such a day today, and I think that it worked.

For breakfast, I scrambled myself an egg with a bit of feta cheese and ate it over a slice of Ezekiel toast.  This was a simple breakfast, but the change from my typical peanut butter toast woke up my palate and the extra protein kept me full all morning.  Whenever I’m in snack-mode, I find that adding more protein helps immensely.  To go with it, I had some strawberries and a cup of coffee with cream.


For lunch, I had a serving of my whole wheat orzo salad, which I decided to eat hot.  I found that the feta melts into the most delicious, soft coating on the pasta when you heat the dish.  It had a slight mac and cheese vibe while still being very light.  To go with it, I had a small can of V-8 and some more berries.  Since I knew I would be in court all afternoon and wouldn’t get a chance to eat again, I also had a small packet of pistachios which I’d been planning on having for a snack.


I am distressed that my photo of dinner didn’t come out, but it tasted delicious.  I had grilled chicken tenders and quinoa over a bed of baby spinach and topped it all with homemade tahini sauce.  This is one of my all-time favorite dinners because it is so satisfying.  My stomach is always very happy when I make this dish, and tonight was no exception.


I avoided my recent temptations of mindless eating, afternoon caffeine and sugar entirely.  While a cup of coffee and a good scone can be a wonderful afternoon treat every now and then, I wasn’t getting any real enjoyment out of the bad office coffee and snacks.  When breaking habits of that sort, it sometimes takes an act of will to get through the first day or so, after which point I promptly remember how much better I feel when I take the time to listen to my body.  I don’t keep a regular food log anymore, but sometimes writing down everything I eat for a day or two is just the motivation I need to stop and think for a moment about whether or not I actually want the thing I’m about to pop in my mouth.  It’s so worth it to take the few extra seconds to turn off my auto-pilot and actually make a reasoned decision about what to eat.  I feel so content and satisfied right now!

Speaking of treats worth having, the husband and I are going to escape to Santa Barbara this weekend, where we have every intention of having good wine and cheese and generally having a good time.  I am so excited!  If anyone knows the area and has restaurant recommendations, feel free to comment.



  1. Such a colorful lunch dish!!

    Have fun in SB this weekend!!

  2. I miss having quinoa. My mom used to make it a lot, and I can’t seem to find any in the city near me. I think I have to travel to the other side of the city to find bulk quinoa or something. 😦

  3. Again with that orzo salad – always making my mouth water! 🙂

  4. Eggs always fill me up. They’re great.

    Have a fantastic weekend!!

  5. I know what you mean about the snack cycle! It’s a hard one to break.

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