Posted by: Hil | February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Weekend


Hey everyone!  Sorry I’ve been scarce the last few days…we’re moving in two days, so my apartment is currently in boxes and I haven’t had much in the way to spare time.  We did take the afternoon off to watch the Super Bowl at a friend’s house.  What a game!  I was pulling for Arizona (go underdogs!), so I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the eventual outcome, but the game was dramatic, the company was great and the food was abundant.  The Lemonator was responsible for our contribution to the party: a container of Waleed’s pita chips.  I had never tried them before, but they are apparently a staple food at his lab meetings.  Best.  Pita chips.  Ever.  The Lemonator bought two flavors–garlic and lemon herb–and both were really flavorful and delicious.  They were very, very hard to stop eating!  Our hosts also presented us with chili, sandwiches on crunchy french bread, chips, cookies and every other food you could think of.  I am happily full at the moment.

Food over the weekend was (and will continue to be) an exercise in eating down the contents of our fridge and freezer before we move.  Friday night was a simple dinner of roast chicken and cauliflower over wilted spinach.  Can’t go wrong with that.  Roast chicken is so simple, but it always speaks just a bit of family ritual to me, so I very much like having it for a leisurely dinner together.


Saturday morning I got in some good morning yoga, then came home and made myself a brunch of Ezekiel toast and scrambled eggs with spinach and farmer’s market feta.  I think that spinach, feta, and eggs are a really magical combination and I always like crunchy, toasted whole grain bread to go with my scrambled eggs.  With a glass of tomato juice, I had a perfect brunch.


Seeing as we were running short on things to cook and knew that we would be foregoing Sunday brunch in light of Super Bowl festivities, the husband and I headed out to Gloria’s for dinner Saturday night.  I was in the mood for something new, so I tried their pollo ranchero.  It didn’t sound that interesting, but man, can Gloria cook!  It was basically tender, perfectly cooked bone-in chicken pieces with grilled tomatoes, onions and peppers in a zesty red pepper sauce.  Though they described the sauce as a salsa, it was more tangy than spicy.  Either way, it was utterly delicious.


Time for a bit more packing and then bed.  Goodnight everyone!



  1. Good luck packing!!

  2. Good luck with the move!! I know you must be excited to be going to a bigger place!!

  3. Roast chicken looks amazing! Everything looks delicious! Hope all goes well with packing!

  4. Mmm pita chips.

    I think that brunch is the best meal ever.

    Good luck with the move; hope its relatively stress-free!

  5. The pita chips look so thick and delicious!

    What is to the right of the rice? Is it beans? It looks great.

    Good luck with the packing and move!

  6. Ezekiel bread = the best. hands down!

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