Posted by: Hil | February 10, 2009

Protein, Please


Since I started my new job, I’ve been feeling in something of a food rut.  It of course doesn’t help that I have a long-ish commute and my new office is constantly stocked with junk food, but it seemed that even when I avoided temptation, I still felt off and “snacky”.  So I decided to return to my food log for a few days.  At first, nothing popped out at me.  All of my meals looked perfectly normal and healthy.  Then it hit me:  I was eating lots of starch and very little protein.  I decided to experimentally add a bit more protein back into my diet.  I started with breakfast: for some unknown reason, I had run out of yogurt and cottage cheese and never got more.  So I bought myself some nonfat cottage cheese and had a scoop with my mango at breakfast.  I immediately knew that I’d made the right choice: somehow that little bit of extra food made all the difference and I was completely satisfied until lunch.

For lunches, I’ve mostly been having either leftovers from the previous nights dinner or wrap sandwiches with veggies and hummus.  Unfortunately, I share office space at the court, so there isn’t a good way for me to unobtrusively photograph my food.

For dinner on Monday, we decided to whip up some homemade turkey burritos, which were fast and tasty.  We browned some lean ground turkey with spices and wrapped it up in whole wheat tortillas with black beans, salsa and guacamole.


Tonight was simple and classic: chicken tenders with roasted brussel sprouts.  I also had a slice of Ezekiel toast with guacamole and a tangelo to round out the corners.


Already I’m finding that my new regimen has me feeling better.  My big challenge is to figure out appropriate snacks to stock at work.  I brought a bag of unsalted pistachios today, and I’m keeping a lookout for individual sized plain nonfat yogurts.  If anyone knows where to buy them, let me know!



  1. very interesting you were lacking protein! when i dont get enough protein, i get muy snackey as well.

    hope the new job is going well!

  2. Mmm, guacamole!! 😀

    Hang in there with the food rut!!

  3. I’m glad to hear the protein is helping! I know we usually get too much but I always feel better when I have a bit in every meal as well. Enjoy 🙂

  4. Great post – I have been feeling this way (a lot) lately and have similar issues at my office. I think re-evaluating a food log would be a good idea for me. Thanks!

  5. Way to go! Love your delicious eats!

  6. Nice change!

  7. Great eats! I love Target’s Archer Farm NonFat Yogurts. Great Flavor options!

  8. Good problem solving. Seriously. I am always saying how I’m so hungry and snacky, but I never think to, or am to lazy to, find out why.

    Stonyfield Farms makes plain individual containers. Also, I just buy the big momma and take it in tupperware.

  9. Having that balance of the different nutrients does wonders for boosting energy and all- its nice to get out of the rut!

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