Posted by: Hil | February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12


Yesterday I was craving oats and decided to be a bit creative with my toppings, opting for mango and pine nuts.  I have to tell you, the mango was really good with the oats…it added enough sweetness that I didn’t have to break out the brown sugar.  The pine nuts were fine, but I think I might try a variety of other nuts next time.  I’m sure macadamia nuts would be delicious, but I’m very allergic, so that isn’t an option for me.

Lunch was a trusty stand by:  Dr. McDougall’s black bean soup, string cheese, a tangelo, and a handful of trail mix.  No pictures, but it was very good.  I ended up being hungrier than usual and could not resist the flan stand at the farmer’s market.  I really like flan for an every day dessert.  It’s certainly not health food, but because its base is pretty much milk and eggs, its very filling compared to many other desserts and doesn’t make me crave sweets after I’m done.  And these flans are yummy, really creamy and not too sweet.

For dinner, I had a first:  the Lemonator finally persuaded me to try Annie’s macaroni and cheese.  I resisted for a long, long time.  I was always skeptical of a boxed macaroni and cheese (with identical nutrition stats to the standard stuff) that acted so innocent and wholesome.  Organic and natural does not always mean healthy.


We had it for dinner along with chicken tenders and spinach.  I was very surprised by how little pasta there was in the box, given how expensive it was.  I have to admit that the flavor was very good.  It tasted very good and didn’t have that “processed food” taste that other boxed mac and cheese usually has.  I was a little bit perplexed by the sauce, which came out too liquidy for my taste. 


Bottom line, this was very tasty, but I can’t imagine keeping it on hand.  It’s expensive and I really don’t like eating dinners that consist of white flour and dairy.  It was certainly convenient, but not any more convenient than making up some whole wheat pasta and tossing it with some store bought tomato sauce or pesto.  However, the Lemonator is a mac and cheese addict, and the next time he agitates for some mac and cheese, I may very well consent to having some of this as a dinner side dish.



  1. Gorgeous oats!!

    Happy Friday!!

  2. I heard that! I heard that! Oh man! Mac and CHEEEESE!!!!!

    Also: Look forward in the near future to a comparison of many, many types of mac and cheese… for my edification and yours.

  3. I totally see what you mean being expensive and such.
    But tasty!

  4. I love homemade mac and cheese- a nice sauce of butter and cheddar and milk. Mmm.

  5. I love Annie’s Mac & Cheese (it’s the only boxed one I’ll ever eat) but you’re right, I don’t really want it to make it a regular rotation of my dinners! It is mighty tasty though!

  6. MMM! Mac and Cheese! There is a whole wheat variety of annie’s Mac n cheese….keep your eye out for it!

  7. Pine nuts on oatmeal? interesting combo with the mango – I like!

  8. Emily–good to know! I will keep an eye out.

    Rose–I am of the opinion that pine nuts are underutilized. They have such a great mild flavor and I eat them on everything. Some experiments work better than others, but you would be surprised how good they taste on unlikely things!

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