Posted by: Hil | February 19, 2009



I have discovered a new grain.  I accidentally grabbed a package of amaranth instead of quinoa when I was at the grocery store the other day.  Once I’d bought the stuff, I figured I shouldn’t let it go to waste.  I’d never even heard of amaranth before, so this was an adventure for me!  In the package, the grains look quite a bit like quinoa, only smaller.  I followed the instructions on the package and simmered the grains for about 25 minutes.  The texture came out something like grits:  they cooked into a basically creamy concoction, but there was still some texture from the individual grains.  I tried flavoring it with a little lemon juice and a pat of butter, which seemed to work quite well.  It wasn’t at all like anything I would have expected, but I liked it.  The Lemonator did too, much to my surprise–he’s sometimes skeptical of the random grains that I make.  The first night, I served the amaranth with sauteed spinach, slow roasted tomatoes, and Dover sole. 


Tonight we reheated some of the leftovers to eat with roasted chicken and brussel sprouts.  It seemed to keep perfectly well in the fridge.  I think that I might try making some up for breakfasts when we are done with the lemony batch…it seems like a good breakfast grain.  I don’t normally spend 25 minutes simmering grains first thing in the morning, but since it seems to keep in the fridge, I might be up for making some ahead of time.


In other news, I tried two flavors of Rachel’s yogurt: vanilla chai and pink grapefruit lychee.  In interests of full disclosure, I should probably mention I haven’t eaten flavored yogurt in a few years.  I don’t really care for the flavored versions.  These have much better flavor than other yogurts I’ve tried.  I especially liked the vanilla chai flavor.  But holy cow, these things taste sweet!  They may not be substantially sweeter than your typical yogurt–I’m not in a position to compare–but these tasted like dessert to me.  The texture was unobjectionable, but somewhat thin.  I don’t think I would buy these again…if I feel like eating something super sweet, I am going to acquire something much more exciting than yogurt.  But I do enjoy the flavors and I have several more to go through, so I have figured out a way to eat them that works for me.


Sweet yogurt actually makes a lovely “sauce” for sliced banana.  A third to a half of a container is just about the right about.  Add a few nuts for a little bit of nuttiness and bitterness, and you have yourself  very tasty snack.  Below a banana topped with vanilla chai yogurt, pecans and cinnamon.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how I like the other flavors.




  1. Lovely presentation of your eats!!

  2. I agree about the sweentess and liquidity of that yogurt. I’ve really been spoiled by plain greek yougrt.

    Never heard of amaranth – thanks for the intro.

  3. What a great snack idea!

  4. Thanks for reviewing amaranth! I’ve never tried it before.

  5. Oh my gosh, yum! So delicious!

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