Posted by: lemonator | February 23, 2009

THATS NOT SCIENCE: Fast Food Proximity Issues!

Thanks to Blueberry Mom for tipping me off to this wonderful article, which has done my work for me in lambasting the original article.


Original Article:

Just LIVING Near Fast Food Restaurants Ups Risk of Stroke!


mmmhmmm… thats right… its the hydrogenated oil in the air!  Or maybe its the ease and vicinity of cheap, greasy food?  Nah, that cant be it.

Lambasting Article:

Your Claim is Preposterous



  1. These articles are always interesting. I think its the same kind of thing as the suggestion that social networks trumps genetics in predicting obesity, though… the implication is that when we’re surrounded by that fast food, it’s more likely we’ll be incorporating it into our diets and lifestyle.

  2. I think you’re right. We are literally breathing fats.

  3. haha. i am choking… 🙂

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