Posted by: Hil | March 5, 2009

Change of Plans


I ended up staying home from work today due to a morning appointment and a broken down car, so I had the unusual opportunity to fix myself three hot meals today.  Breakfast was a variant on a classic fried egg sandwich:  a leftover quinoa cake reheated, topped with sauteed spinach, smoked sheep cheese and a fried egg with a little cayenne.  The quinoa cake wasn’t quite as crispy as last night, but overall it was a very tasty and filling dish.  I also had a Cara Cara orange–I am so excited that good citrus is coming back into stores!


For lunch, I used up the last of my farmers market whole grain rosemary bread in a batch of savory French toast.  On the side, I had a salad of baby spinach dressed with a little chimichurri sauce and a spicy Virgin Mary.  I love savory French toast, especially made with good herbed bread.  It’s light, but very filling and makes a great lunch.


I got a bit hungry midafternoon and whipped up a handful of trail mix.  My latest obsession is adding dried edamame to my trail mix for extra volume and protein.  (You can get giant containers of them at Costco for a very reasonable price.)  Today I decided to be a little bit decadent and and some chopped bitter chocolate to the mix.  I doubt that the chocolate would travel very well (a requirement for my every day version), but it was extremely tasty with the dried fruit and edamame.


Dinner was simple:  an artichoke and garlic chicken/turkey sausage, some broccoli and whole wheat orzo with olive oil and parmesan.  Precooked sausages make great quick dinners because you can heat them in the microwave and cook your veggies on the plate at the same time.  Two minute dinner!


Today was fairly stressful dealing with car issues, but it was nice to have the opportunity to have three home-cooked meals.  I forget sometimes how nice that is!



  1. 3 homecooked meals IS really nice. I’ve been taking advantage of it since I left my job and started working at home. It’s odd – when I take the time to prepare nice meals I end up thinking about food less overall.

  2. Eek hang in there with the car issues!!

  3. trader joes has dk choc covered edamame… which were weird at first, but then divine!

  4. Sorry about the car issues. But you did have a tasty day! =D

  5. Your lunch looks incredible! I’ve been craving french toast for the longest time. And you’re right, the bread makes all the difference!

    sorry for the car trouble, hope all is well

  6. Awesome eats! sorry about your car!

    I know, I had the juciest orange today! yum!

  7. I love the sounds of your quinoa cake! And french toast is out of this world 🙂

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