Posted by: Hil | March 11, 2009

Eat the Rainbow


I think I owe another thank you to the great people at Pom Wonderful who sent me those juice samples…I am finding no end of use for them.  Today, I used some of my pomegranate juice to make a strawberry-pomegranate smoothie.  To make the smoothie, I combined frozen strawberries, pomegranate juice, non-fat milk and a squirt of agave nectar in a blender.  The in-laws recently gave us one of those small blenders (a magic bullet knock-off), and I put it to use for the first time.  I will definitely be using that thing often!  It only had one setting, but it puréed everything in seconds, made a perfect single serving of smoothie.  Cleanup was a snap, as all of the parts fit easily in the dishwasher.  As for the smoothie itself, it was delicious and made a great complement to my fried eggs with spinach.  I love smoothies, but I find that they aren’t sustaining enough to be a breakfast on their own.  The eggs were a nice savory complement, and the combination kept me full all morning.

Lunch was another Aidell’s artichoke and garlic sausage with some veggies.  I am really liking having home-cooked lunch every day!  For a snack, I had handful of dried edamame and peanuts.

Dinner was high-flavor and low stress:  a lean quarter-pound burger topped with the last of my smoked sheep cheese, sauteed spinach with olive oil, red bell pepper sticks, and a generous side of German mustard.  I intended to use the mustard as a condiment for the burger, but found that I actually liked it quite a bit on the pepper sticks as well, so I ended up eating it with everything.  I really fail to see why anyone bothers to buy hamburger buns at home.  Give me some grilled meat and cheese and a good side of veggies and I am perfectly happy.  I also had a delicious Cara Cara orange for dessert.


It’s hard to believe that the week is half over already.  For once, it is going by very quickly!



  1. Loooovely smoothie!!

    Hang in there with the rest of the week!!

  2. Oh wow, hope all goes well with the rest of the week!

    Love your rainbow eats! =D

  3. It should be noted that the issue of hamburger buns is not entirely decided… I happen to love them with particularly large, juicy burgers 🙂

  4. Your smoothie is so pretty and I am sure that it’s just as tasty!

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