Posted by: lemonator | March 23, 2009

Mac and Cheese Comparisons!

Lemonator Here.  Our internet is back, so Hil should be back later tonight, but I figured I’d report the results of a little comparison I’ve done.  Sadly, not all the box pictures made it, but… I’ll do the best I can.  Mac and Cheese is one of my favoritest treat-meals πŸ™‚


Types of Mac + Cheese I got

  • Kraft Brand normal mac+cheese
  • Kraft Brand whole grain m&c
  • Kraft extra-cheesy m&c
  • Kraft deluxe m&c
  • ralph (generic) m&c
  • Annie’s shells and white cheddar
  • Annie’s whole wheat shells and white cheddar
  • Whole Foods shells and white cheddar

Kraft Brand normal m&c

Well, what can I say… this is the gold standard of Mac and Cheese… tasty, perhaps a little overprocessed πŸ™‚

Kraft whole grain m&c


I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by this whole wheat variety of the classic.  The extra kick of the actual whole-wheatyness of the pasta (well, 50% whole-wheat) actually made it tastier!  Reccomended all around.

Kraft Extra-cheesy

Meh.  basically just twice as much powder for the same amount of pasta.  Made the sauce extra thick, but the processedness of it started to overwhelm the tastiness, and that was a shame.

Kraft deluxe M+C

Run away!  Run away!  It was terrifying!  pre-processed cheese-sauce in a big squishy pouch… *shudder*.  Hil tormented me with it for a little bit before we dumped it.  Pasta was fine, though πŸ™‚

Ralph’s Brand M&C

Well, not bad, not the genuine deal, but still pretty good, and cheaper, which is never bad.

Annie’s Shells and white cheddar


Yum.  Yum, Yum, Yum.  It was delicious!  Tasted really good.  A few complaints:  1.  Expensive… which would be worth it if 2. the box had only 50% the pasta!  As a growing boy… I need lots of mac&cheese… and this certainly didnt have enough.  It also had very watery sauce when using the reccomended recipie.


Annie’s Whole Wheat Shells and White Cheddar


Surprisingly, despite how much I liked the whole wheat version of the normal M&C, the annie’s version didnt appeal to me as much.  I think there’s a certain amount of processed flavor that I want in my pleasurable comfort food, and this didnt have it.  Ah well.

Whole Foods Shells and White Cheddar Cheese

This was quite tasty, and I’ll gladly have it again.  Tasted just like the annie’s brand.


I’m always gathering new versions of Mac&cheese… so expect updates in the future.


And now back to your regularly scheduled… somewhat healthier… programming πŸ˜€



  1. Fun product comparison guide!!

  2. Did you ever have the Mac & Cheese I made in college? Probably not because it was mostly freshman year…but my roommate’s boyfriend bought her a whole case of the regular Kraft stuff. The spoiled brat that she was(is?) scoffed at it and said she only wanted the DELUX Mac & Cheese, so I inherited 16 boxes or so of the stuff.

    I made it in my dorm room with a microwave, a 4-cup microwaveable container, and tap water. So, no butter or milk in my sauce — partially bc I’m mildly lactose intolerant, but mostly bc I was too lazy to steal it from the dining hall. Thus, I made my Mac and & with just a little water, and of course a lot of salt. Everyone I tell this to seems to think it was gross, but I have to admit I still prefer it that way (though the noodles are better when boiled properly)

  3. Hehe enjoyed the reviews! I like making my own mac and cheese- its nice to control the amount of milk/butter/cheese so it can still be creamy and cheesy but without the processed taste and with real ingredients. Yummyness.

  4. I’ve done it that way… I’ve also done easy-mac when I had to… which is pretty much the same thing, just ‘optimized’ for microwave/no-milkedness. Its not bad… I generally like mine with very little milk and not much butter… 2 TB of butter always scares me.

  5. Oh great review! Mac and Cheese is totally comfort to me.

  6. My kind of taste test. Can you test the Annie’s that’s like the velveeta shells & cheese?

  7. Gladly! I picked up a few more types over the weekend. Look for an update in the coming weeks!

  8. oh, wait… velveeta? As in… processed cheese-in-a-pouch?

    eeehhh…. its funny, but for some reason my mind revolts against it. we’ll see πŸ™‚

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