Posted by: Hil | March 29, 2009

Tandoori Salmon and Almost Raw Spinach Soup


One of my favorite dishes that the Lemonator makes is Tandoori salmon:  salmon marinated overnight in yogurt and Indian spices, then baked in the oven.  The Lemonator uses a tandoori spice mix from the store, but this time he jazzed it up with a little bit of salt and a lot of garlic, which added a lot to the flavor.  We served it with a bit of brown rice and some wilted spinach.  I thought that I didn’t care for brown rice, but after tasting this stuff, I think that I may have just been cooking it improperly.  My handy rice cooker apparently knows how to cook brown rice better than I do, because this was delicious.

I had a big late lunch out today, so I wasn’t at all hungry when dinner time arrived.  I was in the mood for some vegetable soup, so I decided to try something new.  I had heard people claim that it was possible to make very healthy soups by pureeing raw veggies and liquid in a blender and just heating it to serving temperature.  I decided to give this a try.  I filled my mini blender with spinach, vegetable broth, a couple of sun dried tomatoes, salt, pepper and a dash of hot sauce and blended.  Then I heated the soup in the microwave, still in the blending container (have I mentioned that I love my blender?) and served with some more hot sauce, a drizzle of olive oil, and a side of rye crackers.


This tasted great, although nothing like a traditional cooked spinach soup.  The color was bright and the flavor was very light and fresh.  The texture was not as smooth as a cooked soup.  I think that the sun dried tomatoes added a lot as far as flavor was concerned.  Bottom line, this was exactly what I was in the mood for today.  I might make it again the next time I have a craving for light, minimally cooked food, but it isn’t something that I would make for a family dinner.  I do think that the mini blender has great promise as a way to make a single serving of soup, but I will probably try pan-cooking my veggies before blending them next time.

Question:  Some sort of virus is making its rounds around my choir and I can feel a bit of a sore throat creeping on.  What are your favorite preventative remedies for avoiding colds? I’ll take meal ideas, supplements, or whatever…Holy Week is next week and I have to be able to sing!



  1. That soup looks fantastic! I’ve been thinking about gtting a blender, what kind do you have?

  2. That soup looks so good!
    Take a lot of vitamin C, if you can take naps go for it! But definitely get a ton of sleep!

  3. Bulk up on vitamin C!!!! =D
    Love the salmon!

  4. JerseyGirl–I actually have two blenders. One is a big Krups blender that I inherited from my mother. I don’t use it that often, but it has lots of different speeds and you can add things while you are in the middle of blending, so its useful for things like pesto or salad dressing. My new acquisition is this 5-in-one:

    The 5-in-one is great for making single-serving batches of things. It only has one speed and you can’t add things while you blend, but its very powerful and the containers are microwave safe and have snap on drink rims so you can drink a smoothie right from them. I use my 5-in-one blender the vast majority of the time. (5-in-one blenders are also a LOT cheaper than regular blenders.)

  5. Oh that salmon looks so good!

  6. the lemonator is talented! i adore salmon, and that dish really appeals to me. the spinach soup idea sounds interesting too – as you say, maybe not for a family meal but definitely a treat for your body!

    i have no idea about preventive medicine, but as another commentor said, plenty of sleep is probably a crucial one – along with plenty of fluids and vitamins!

  7. Mmm salmon.

    Tea! Lots and lots of tea as a preventative.

  8. gorgeous!! that salmon meal is definitely something I would want to eat!

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