Posted by: Hil | May 20, 2009

Restaurant Review: Westside Tavern


The Lemonator and I have had a few singing gigs of late and, thus, some extra cash for fun things like meals out.  A couple weeks back, the Lemonator sang at a wedding and decided to use the proceeds for a date at the newly opened Westside Tavern.  The basic concept of the restaurant is upscale comfort food made with fresh, local ingredients.  Not revolutionary, but enough to catch our interest given the location.  Overall we had a great meal.

One thing I love about LA is that there are lots of good places to get a well-mixed, interesting, not-too-sweet drink.  I ordered what was essentially a fancy Moscow Mule (ginger puree, lime, vodka, and soda water).  I apparently forgot to take a picture of it, but it was very good.  

For an appetizer we ordered the artichoke gratin.  It was at this point that we realized that this place does not skimp on potions.  The dish was very good and not at all heavy, as I had been expecting.  The artichokes were actually quite light, which made a nice contrast with the crunchy topping and grilled bread.


For my dinner, I ordered roast chicken with lemon thyme mustard sauce and garlic spinach.  This was amazing.  I don’t know how they made that sauce, but I want to learn how!  It was very thick and creamy, but it didn’t appear to have much butter or oil in it.  It may have had reduced stock along with the lemon and mustard, maybe with splash of cream.  Regardless, it was really good.  The spinach was also good…just wilted and very garlicky.


The Lemonator’s dinner was even better:  a lamb French dip sandwich with rosemary au jus.  Tender, melt in your mouth, and incredibly flavorful.  His fries were also good:  crispy and hot and well seasoned.  I stole a couple of bites of each.


For dessert, I ordered a sticky chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and candied walnuts.  This was the only part of the meal that came in relatively dainty portions, which I appreciated.  This was good, but not fantastic.  I enjoyed it, but I’ll probably try something else next time. 


The Lemonator, for his part, ordered a plate of fresh baked cookies, which he demolished.


Overall, we really enjoyed our meal.  I’m a pretty adventurous eater, but sometimes I just want to go to a place with nice ambiance and have someone serve me the classics executed really well. The menu was relatively healthy and fresh, but still had plenty of guy-friendly food.   As an added bonus, the prices were quite reasonable for the portions and quality.  We will almost certainly be back.



  1. hi there!! I loove your blog and found that we love doing the same stuff, like restaurant reviews and product reviews! 🙂 Yours was so much fun to read and I am most definitely JEALOUS of you being in LA!!! I think your entree looks tastier than the lemonators lamb-wich. 😀 BY FAR!!!!

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