Posted by: Hil | May 21, 2009

New Job


Today was the first day of my second internship.  I’m working at a nonpartisan think tank/voter outreach organization.  Most of my work will relate to policy analysis on governance issues, and thus far, its incredibly interesting.  I think its going to be a fun summer.  I began this morning, like most mornings, with a cup of fresh brewed coffee.  I do not drink coffee all day long, but I am very partial to my morning cup.  I always make French press with fresh ground beans, because I think the flavor is the best that way.  The paper filters in drip coffee absorb all of the flavorful oils, which makes the coffee marginally better for you, but a lot less tasty.  I am also partial to a splash of real cream in my coffee.  I have tried many times use milk instead, but the cream gives me so much more pleasure!


Breakfast itself w as repeat of yesterday:  peanut butter toast with blackberries.  Today I added a drizzle of agave for a little extra sweetness.  I was out of yogurt, so  had a glass of milk instead.


I didn’t manage to get a picture of my lunch before I headed out the door, but it was a slice of my leftover broccoli and cheddar quiche with whole wheat crust, some cherry tomatoes, and a handful of pistachios. Yum.

There was almost no time for dinner between work and choir tonight, so the Lemonator whipped up some shells and white cheddar.  We used the Whole Foods brand, which is a lot cheaper than Annie’s and, in our opinion, tastes better.  I am generally very devoted to my whole grains, but I’ve gradually begun to experiment and have come to the conclusion that a little bit of mac and cheese every now and then will not kill me.  Obviously a white flour based meal isn’t a healthy choice for every day, but every now and then, it can be pretty delicious. 


To go with my pasta, I wilted up some spinach with a drizzle of evoo and a sprinkle of salt.  It was a very nice combination.


It’s been a long day, so I am going to get some rest.  Goodnight, everyone.



  1. i love freshly ground coffee beans – our coffee has never been the same since getting a grinder! i agree about the cream – i LOVE what they call “viennese coffee”, a small cup with a little cream on top. so delicious, i had it all the time when i was in belgium – they had the best!

    so glad your new internship is working out well 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’ve got another fantastic opportunity on your hands. Enjoy it, I’m sure you’re going to be great 🙂

  3. Oh wow, that job sounds very awesome and super interesting too. Glad you’re enjoying it!!

  4. congrats on the the new internships, it sounds really interesting.

    Nothing like fresh coffee to start off your day!

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