Posted by: Hil | May 22, 2009



I woke up this morning to the realization that I was completely out of bread, so I used rye crackers instead as a vehicle for my blackberries and peanut butter.  With no yogurt to go with, I was pretty hungry by lunch, but the knowledge that I would be meeting the Lemonator for Indian buffet lunch carried me through.  There is nothing like hunger to make you really enjoy a meal.  I had lentils, spinach, a small helping of butter chicken, cucumbers, and a samosa.


And, of course, a slice of fresh baked naan.


After work, I made a grocery run.  I am so excited that more fruits are coming in season!  I was tempted by the nectarines and apricots, but I know that they are not ready quite yet.  I settled on some cherries and a couple of mangos.  I dove into the cherries immediately upon getting home.  Heaven.


Dinner was roast chicken and vegetables.  I love roast chicken, but very soon it’s going to become too hot to be roasting things all the time, so we’re trying to use up our freezer stores of bone in chicken.  To go with the roast chicken, we roasted cherry tomatoes and broccoli and…


Garlic!   We spread a couple of cloves over toasted bread with a few drops of olive oil.


We still have lots of leftover garlic, lucky for us.  I will have to think of some uses for it.  I’m thinking of trying my hand at some garlic hummus or a garlic salad dressing.  Any other ideas?


Enjoy your three day weekend, everyone!



  1. I like to saute garlic in EVOO as the base to pretty much everything. Stir-frys, pad thai, anything! I especially like sauteing garlic in EVOO, adding chopped kabocha (or any squash) and tossing briefly, then adding water and turning down the heat until the water evaporates and the squash gets soft… oh it’s heavenly. Topped with some sea salt and brown sugar. Yum 🙂 You should definitely try it. The combo of garlic and olive oil has some great health benefits and I forget what they are, but I know they exist, haha. I just bought a huge container of fresh garlic at Costco today (the whole cloves kind, not the minced kind).

  2. Yum on the cherries! I definitely need to hit up the grocery store and try to get some! Totally love all your scrumptious eats!

  3. What a post for a garlic lover like myself!!! I eat it every day. there is an awesome ellie krieger recipe on for a white bean dip with roasted garlic.

    have a great weekend!

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