Posted by: Hil | May 23, 2009

White Fish with Peppers, Peas and Roasted Garlic




I am participating in Maggie’s whole life challenge.  I am challenging myself to follow the first three points which are:  (1) at least ten minutes of yoga every day; (2) at least ten minutes of walking every day; and (3) at least one new recipe each week.  I know that this will be a step up from what I’ve been doing before, but this seems doable and healthy.   Today is the second day of the challenge (I forgot to post about it yesterday) and thus far, I’m doing very well.   I did about 20 minutes of light yoga before work yesterday morning, and I went to my typical Saturday morning class today.  I’ve used walking as my main mode of transportation for both days, so I’m good there too.  And I tried a new recipe/invention for dinner tonight: white fish with peppers, peas, and roasted garlic.  Many of my kitchen experiments are of questionable success, but I love this one.   I was very proud of myself, because this is one of the only ways that I’ve managed to cook this stupid Dover Sole that I bought at Costco that did not end up bland and/or falling apart.

First, I sauteed the bell pepper strips in olive oil, then set them aside.  Then, I rubbed the fish pieces with paprika, ras al hanout and salt, and added those to the pan.  On top of the fish, I put the sautéed pepper strips, lots of sliced roasted garlic (leftover from last night), and some frozen peas.  I added a splash of chicken broth and a splash of sherry and covered the pan until the fish was cooked through (it was thin, so that didn’t take long), then uncovered the pan and cooked for a few minutes until the liquid reduced.  This was really good.   The dish was very flavorful, and the moist cooking seemed to agree with the fish, because I had no problem removing the fish slices from the pan intact.  I think ras al hanout tastes good on almost anything, and this was no exception.

Lunch was less innovative, but also tasty.  I made an old favorite:  avocado and bell pepper salad flavored with seasoning salt.  I haven’t eaten this in ages, and it was so good!  Trust me, this is a combination made in heaven.  I had some toasted Ezekiel bread on the side to scoop the salad on to.


For protein/dessert, I tried an Oikos vanilla yogurt topped with black berries.  I normally don’t like sweetened yogurt, but this was pretty good, especially with the berries, which needed a little extra sweetness. 


I also had a small piece of extra dark sharffen berger chocolate, which was delicious.  (Is chocolate ever not delicious?)   I’m thinking that I need to do a post all about chocolate one of these days.  I love chocolate and I have strong opinions about it.  🙂  What is your favorite brand of chocolate?  I need to make sure that I cover all of the relevant and tasty bases when I get around to writing this post!



  1. That recipe sounds awesome! I haven’t made fish in a while.

    I love dark dark chocolate – it’s the only kind I like. I usually do the 99% kind and have a teeny bit at a time since it’s so strong. I have an 85% bar right now but it’s almost too sweet for me now that I”m used to the 99% one. Definitely do a post about it 🙂

  2. Good luck on Maggie’s challenge!! I don’t think I could hold myself to 10 min of yoga a day. Maybe… but I don’t normally practice, so I dano?

    Love the white fish and also the avocado salad!! And you just reminded me that I need to get to using my Oikos coupons!!!

    happy Sunday Hil!

  3. Yes, please do a post on chocolate! I’d love to read it 🙂

  4. Mmmm, everything looks great! Awesome on the challenge!

  5. I’m all over that challenge!

    And YES about the chocolate post 😀 My favorite is Lindt Lindor chocolate. Yummy. Dark, of course!

  6. That fish combines my favorite flavors – love it!

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