Posted by: Hil | May 25, 2009



I hope Blueberry Sis doesn’t read this post, because I am spilling the beans about what I got her for her wedding present.  Blueberry Sis loves to cook, so I wanted to get her something kitchen related.  In my opinion, knives are one of the few things that it really pays to invest on.  You don’t have to get the fanciest knife in the store, but cooking is so much easier when you have good quality, sharp, well-balanced knives.  I was thrilled that due to a sale, we were able to buy her all three of my favorite knife items:  a Santoku knife, a paring knife, and a nice pair of kitchen shears. 

Although a complete knife set is a very nice thing to have, these three things (plus a good vegetable peeler) can carry you through just about any kitchen project.  I own other knives, but these are the three that I get by far the most mileage out of.  My santoku knife is my favorite for big jobs, especially cutting up vegetables.  The Lemonator and I can’t quite put our finger on why, but we both prefer our Santoku knife to the other chefs knives we own.  There’s something very versatile and user-friendly about it.  It’s my go to knife for just about everything.  There are small knives for just about everything under the sun, but I find that I can do just about any detail oriented job I need with a paring knife.  Multiple sizes of paring knives are worth investing in when you get around to it, but you can definitely get by with just one.  Kitchen shears are great for quick jobs that don’t need to be meticulous, like slicing up chicken tenders and cutting up herbs.  They are also great for cutting up roast chicken.  I get a lot less mileage out of my serrated knives and specialty knives, as a rule.  Serrated knives are, however, useful for cutting bread and tomatoes, so its good to get one eventually.



  1. A great utensil that you could use instead of a knife is the Slap Chop. It can really make the job of cutting up fruits and veggies a lot easier and you don’t risk cutting your finger off, that is what I prefer because my skills with knives are not too good.

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