Posted by: Hil | May 31, 2009

Blueberry Sis Gets Married



I’ve been away from the blog or internet this weekend because I’ve been in Ohio for Blueberry Sis’s wedding.  My beautiful sister and the new Mr. Sis were a beautiful couple and the wedding was lovely. 

I was matron of honor.  People have never thought that we look much alike, but the other bridesmaids claimed to see a greater resemblance when our faces were green.


The bridesmaids were quite a primping team:  one girl brought facial stuff for all of us, I did makeup, another girl did hair.


As I may have mentioned before, Blueberry Sis LOVES to eat.  Well, conventional wisdom is that you never get a bite to eat on your wedding day because you are so busy and excited.  That was pretty much true for me.  Not for Sis.  She was late to her photos because she insisted on going out for a sausage and egg breakfast before her midmorning wedding.  She then proceeded to get the groom and the caterers to retrieve her several bites of the wedding chocolate cheesecake before she made it to the ceremony.


My sister is nothing if not consistent.


I was running around like crazy all day and didn’t get any pictures of the reception food, but the main features were roast lamb with mint demiglace and a spread with five types of cheesecake, which are her favorite foods. 


Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Sis!



  1. Congrats to your sis!! She sounds like so much fun!!! The cake and sausage/egg breakfast story are hilarious!

  2. Congratulations Blueberry sis and husband! You both looked absolutely beautiful!

  3. … and sounds like you ate well too, thank god 😉

  4. Weddings are so much fun! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  5. Congrats! Her dress is BEAUTIFUL.

  6. hahah I love how she insisted on getting breakfast! And those pictures of her eating bites of cake? So cute.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  7. Aw congrats to Blueberry Sis! I’m pretty sure she’s my hero with needing the big breakfast and having 5 types of cheesecake. That would be my perfect wedding 😀

  8. Her dress is gorgeous! It’s totally what I would want myself.

    I love her food love too. 😀

  9. congrats!!! a mutual friend and i were arguing about when the wedding was going to be probably during the wedding! i’m so happy for your sister!!!!

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