Posted by: Hil | June 4, 2009

Risk and Reward


Farmers market eating is a higher risk, higher reward venture than picking up things at the grocery store.  Grocery store food is designed to be pretty, consistent in appearance, and sturdy enough to survive shipping and sitting on shelves for weeks.  When I buy a box of strawberries at the grocery store, they’re generally fine if I don’t get around to eating them for a few days.  I somehow forgot that the tender, juicy strawberries that you can buy during summer at farmers market are really the best the day you buy them and are apt to go bad very quickly after that.  Only two days after I bought my beautiful strawberries, most of them went bad.  I was frustrated, but it’s a lesson learned.  This is the way that real food works:  it’s perfect for a brief moment, in which you eat lots of it, and then it goes bad.  It’s a challenge to manage, especially given that I can only make it to the farmers market a couple times a week, but I’m sort of excited to try to figure out how to manage my produce.

On the reward side, the baby bok choy that I bought on Tuesday has been a delicious component to my last two dinners.  Last night, we roasted it with some chicken.


And tonight, it became part of an Asian inspired soup with bell pepper, tofu and whole wheat noodles.


I don’t think of bok choy as being a particularly flavorful vegetable, but this farmers market stuff had so much character and flavor. 

Update on Maggie’s Whole Life Challenge:  I have to confess, I fell off the wagon with this while I was traveling for Blueberry Sis’s wedding.  I’ve mostly gotten back on the wagon since then.  To my surprise, walking has been much easier for me to fit in than yoga because I can do it on my lunch break or as part of getting to work.  I want to work on continuing to incorporate more walking into my day despite my commute and unfortunate need to wear heels.  Walking is such a wonderful destressing activity.  As for the yoga, I’m going to play that by ear.  I definitely want to work up to doing more yoga, but I’m finding that working on one thing at a time is easiest for me with exercise.  For the moment, more walking is my biggest priority.



  1. Yeah, I found that walking was easier to fit in too. But this week I’ve done well with incorporating yoga. It all depends on my mood 🙂

    Great job!

  2. mmmm I love bok choy!! I need to start cooking with that again. That soup looks delish!

  3. This is interesting because I’ve always assumed that farmer’s market and csa produce will last longer because it was picked sooner and did not have travel time.

  4. Loooooove walking. And adore farmer’s markets. It’s wonderful how something that you didn’t find all that tasty is suddenly fantastic when you get the real fresh stuff… I found the same thing with mangoes in Cambodia. Before I went, I never liked mangoes. But I was totally addicted to them while I was there!

  5. Heather–unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The giant farms breed varieties of produce that are tough and can withstand sitting around forever. The flavor may not survive for very long, but they won’t go bad right away. (They also often pick their fruit underripe so that it will be less delicate and will last longer.) With farmer’s market stuff, you get that great, fresh-picked flavor, but it won’t necessarily last longer.

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