Posted by: Hil | June 7, 2009

Market Day


French toast has always been one of my favorite things.  It’s a delicious weekend brunch treat and an excellent way to use up stale bread.  Challah, which we happened to have on hand, makes particularly delicious French toast.  I ate mine with a handful of kumquats.  Kumquats, if you haven’t tried them, are tiny citrus fruits that you eat whole–peel and all.  The rind is sweet and orangey, and the inside is slightly sour. 

I ate lunch at the farmers market today:  a whole grain crepe filled with goat cheese, sun dried tomato and spinach.  I also acquired whole wheat bread, granola, honey, flat green beans, kale, basil, mint, strawberries, lemons and oranges.  I resisted the temptation to buy lots of strawberries, reminding myself that I can buy more next Tuesday.  As appealing as those three packs look, I know that I can’t eat one by myself before they go bad.  The farmers market people had the following suggestions for maximizing strawberry shelf life:  First, sort through all of them as soon as you get home and remove any that are soft or bruised.  Eat those the same day. Store the rest in a single layer in a tupperware container lined with paper towels in the refrigerator.  Don’t wash them until just before eating them.  You should still eat them in a couple days, but they’ll keep awhile longer.  I had a bowl of strawberries with dinner and stored the rest as they suggested…I’ll report back on how it works.


The Lemonator made homemade whole wheat egg noodles for dinner.  I love his egg noodles…they are flavorful, filling, nutritious and inexpensive dinner.  The noodles are so good that you don’t have to add much to them.  I sauteed my farmers market kale with some crushed garlic and chili flakes, then combined it with the noodles and finished with a grating of parmesan and aged white cheddar.  Simple, but delicious.  We now have another ball of pasta dough sitting in the fridge, so there should be another batch in my future soon!


The Lemonator and I have been talking more and more about how we can eat more locally over the next month and beyond, and a plan is beginning to take shape.  Expect a post on this soon…



  1. The french toast looks delicious! I’ve never even seen a kumquat!

  2. Mmm tasty! Thanks for the strawberries tip, too.

  3. Yet another day of delicious eats. I hope to live and cook like you one day :). Looking forward to the locavore post!

  4. […] probably a good idea to buy my berries in smaller amounts and eat them within a few days, but the preservation tips that I got from the farmers market people worked out really […]

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