Posted by: Hil | June 10, 2009

His and Hers Breakfasts


The Lemonator has a habit of skipping breakfast, and sometimes lunch as well.  It drives me CRAZY, in part because it is my wifely prerogative to worry about whether he is well fed, and in part because he then comes home hungry and eats all of my planned leftovers at dinner time.  We have negotiated on this point, and I am going to start making him breakfast in exchange for his taking on some other household chores.  This sounds like a good deal to me…I like cooking, even when I am sleepy.  So this morning, I made two breakfasts.  I had my traditional breakfast:  whole grain toast with peanut butter and Greek yogurt with blueberries and honey.   However, as the Lemonator does not like peanut butter, or yogurt, or berries, or honey, another breakfast was in order for him.  He got a slice of whole grain rosemary toast topped with homemade pesto and scrambled eggs. This looks somewhat fancy, but was incredibly easy to throw together.  I have recently discovered how to scramble eggs in the microwave.  It’s not necessarily any faster, but I much prefer dealing with a dirty bowl, which can be tossed straight into the dishwasher, than a dirty pan, especially first thing in the morning.


For lunch, I packed rye crackers, pistachios and raisins, an orange, and a salad of cannellini beans and grape tomatoes dressed with pesto.  This turned out to be a perfect amount of food for a long work day.


Dinner was simple:  chicken tenders with a side of steamed bok choy…


An orange…


And a slice of toasted bread with pesto.  Yum.


I can’t believe that the week is almost over.  Because I’m working at two internships, Wednesday feels like a mini Friday to me.  It’s a little bit more hectic, because I have to wrap up all of my work for the week, but I also know that I don’t have a commute in front of me the next day.  I hope everyone’s week is going well.



  1. mm those eggs ontop of pesto sound delish!!! I love pesto so much and eggs are even better! I am so glad the week is almost over, I don’t have classes tomorrow so it basically is over!!! Have a lovely day my dear and good job makin your boy eat breakfast! Best meal of the day!

  2. Eggs and pesto? that sounds like a perfect match!

  3. Wow that’s the first time I’ve heard of eggs and pesto together! I love perusing through your blogs to come up with recipe ideas, and yes good luck keeping the Lemonator healthy and well fed. : )

  4. Rosemary bread? Never heard of that! Eggs in the microwave is so easy but the bowl is hard to scrub out if you don’t have a dishwasher. Also I’m shocked and appalled that he doesn’t like any of those things 🙂

  5. It sounds like a good deal you and with your husband have. My boyfriend has the same problem but last weekend when he slept over I made us both banana-blueberry oatmeal for some pre-race fuel. He was practically floored 🙂 he had no idea breakfast could be so yummy! And speaking of yummy… your lunch salad sounds spectacular 🙂

  6. I have to tell you Mark does the same thing sometimes and it drives me crazy. He’ll come home from work starving and eating eveything in sight while I am cooking dinner!

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