Posted by: Hil | June 11, 2009

Ad Watch: Milk

Milk is one of the few non-processed food items that you actually see billboards and television commercials for.  Most milk ads focus on convincing the viewer that milk is healthy for you in some way:  it builds strong bones, it helps you lose weight, it makes your teeth stronger…you know the drill.  Well, the advertisers have added another reason to drink milk to their list:  if you don’t, you will destroy the world in a bout of PMS.  I’m not kidding. 

So…the plan is to get women to buy more milk by explaining that they are ruining the world with their PMS sensitivity, but that if they are lucky, some guy who is brave enough to venture near them will provide them with some milk so that they will be tolerable to be around?  Can anyone say “feminist trainwreck”?

Better yet, on the got milk website, there is a new computer game to play, in which you solve a puzzle in order to cure a chicken of her PMS.  (Because if you make it a chicken, it isn’t offensive to women!  Right?  Right?)  If you don’t work fast enough, the PMS-suffering chicken snaps at you and scowls.   I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.



  1. ARGH, things like this make me so mad. This “gendering” of advertising is disgusting (Diet Pepsi Cola for MEN?). And I love milk but making the claim that poor suffering women can’t control PMS symptoms and need to drink milk (which is of course, brought to her by a man) is ridiculous.

  2. Oh wow. I agree that gendering of advertising is not very impressive- although it IS a fascinating marketing strategy that they employ.

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