Posted by: Hil | June 13, 2009

Friday Feast


It was a very happy Friday for me…I had a productive day at work and had lots of tasty things to eat.  For lunch, I packed garbanzo beans with sauteed zucchini and tomatoes, an orange, and a piece of the Lemonator’s whole wheat challah.  It was very satisfying.  I stray away from them sometimes, but beans really are my all time favorite lunch food.  You can do a million thing with them, you can eat them hot or cold, and they really fill you up.

I’m trying to return to my tradition of making something a little bit special for Friday night dinner.  It’s easy to end up opting for the convenient option during the week, and I really think that setting aside one day a week to commit to making something nice is a good way to remind myself of how nice it is to sit down to a fresh, thoughtfully prepared meal.   This Friday, we had farmers market flat green beans, yukon gold potatoes, and grass fed steak. 


Incidentally, I have discovered that empty strawberry containers make perfect containers for rinsing off chopped vegetables.


For dessert, I had spoonfuls of chocolate gelato in fresh basil leaves.  Chocolate and basil taste really good together, and they are very fun to eat…just pick up the basil leaf and pop it into your mouth filling and all.  It’s like a tiny ice cream sandwich.


Today’s food has been less exciting…I appear to have come down with some kind of virus, so I’ve  been stuck in bed.  Hopefully I will get better soon.  I hope everyone’s weekend is going well.



  1. I’ve never heard of flat green beans before. Do they taste like regular string beans?

    And brilliant idea with the gelato. That looks amazing!

  2. Woah that chocolate gelato and basil dessert sounds so magnificent! Probably too sophisticated for my simple tastes though. 😀

  3. wow! look at you! haha that dessert is SO gourmet!! how creative Hil!

    have an awesome Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Multiple brilliant ideas in this post!!

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