Posted by: Hil | July 13, 2009

Restaurant Review: Table Cafe

I had every intention of posting frequently during my visit to family next week, but somehow vacation got in the way.  Long story short, I had a wonderful time and I am now back.  The week was too full to contain in a single post, so I suspect bits and pieces of my trip will be slipping out of the course of the next few days.  To start, I thought I’d share a review of a great restaurant the Lemonator, Blueberry Mom and I visited: the Table Cafe in Larkspur, California.

We made a day trip to the Bay Area to see some friends and to visit some of the California missions in the area.  With the help of Yelp, we selected the Table Cafe as a place to grab a bite of lunch between missions.  The Table Cafe is a casual lunch place that focuses on fresh, local, sustainable ingredients.  The menu of spritzers and the like is delicious and impressive.  Below are our drink selections:  a grapefruit spritzer, a ginger spritzer and a Meyer lemonade.  All three were delicious.


The menu has a slightly Indian-fusion flare, which was reflected in the free papadams that came with our meal.   Now, the three of us love Indian food, but none of us have ever cared for papadams…until now.  These vanished very quickly.


To start, I ordered a bowl of carrot ginger soup.  It was a hot soup, to my surprise, but it was very tasty and fresh tasting.  I enjoyed my soup, but I probably would have passed if I’d realized how much food was about to come my way.


The signature item on the Table Cafe menu is dosa, which is an Indian crepe-like wrap made of lentil and rice flour.  I had heard of dosa before, so I understood the basic concept, but I was a bit unclear on how big these were.  I saved half for later, which I don’t recommend…the dosa wrapping is much better hot.  Three dipping sauces came with our dosas:  an avocado sauce, a raita, and pear chutney.  All three were great, but I particularly liked the pear chutney with my dosa’s filling.


Dosa can be filled with pretty much anything.  The Lemonator ordered a lamb dosa, while I ordered one filled with mushrooms and leeks.  Delicious.


Blueberry Mom is a big fan of cole slaws of all varieties, so she ordered chicken tenders and cole slaw.  The slaw came in a very delicious light sesame dressing.


If you’re ever in Marin County and want a bite to eat that gives you a bit of local flavor, but isn’t too pretentious or facy, the Table Cafe is a great place to go.



  1. I love using Yelp! Dosa reminds me of the sour dough bread used in Ethiopian cuisine a lot.

    Good to hear that you had fun on your vacation!

  2. Glad to hear you had a good vacation! That meal looks fab. There’s a Tibetan fusion place near me that makes amazing spritzers – my favorite has masala spices and lime juice. It’s unreal.

  3. Mushrooms and leeks. That’s a good combo… This place looks great.

  4. Yum, sounds great. Those crepes look so delicious.

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