Posted by: lemonator | August 9, 2009

Anniversary Vacation Report #1- Bouchon




Hi All, Lemonator here.

So, we got back a few days ago from our getaway and are busy readjusting to a more normal schedule.  We went back to Santa Barbara, where we had gone on vacation six or so months ago.  This time, we went to a few places we’d been to before, which were again delicious, and a few new places.  Reviews of those places will come soon, but tonight, I want to tell you about the best dining experience I’ve ever had… or at least that I can remember. 


We had heard great things about Bouchon from online reviews, calling it one of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara.  We decided to go there for our anniversary, and hoped that it was not too hyped up, as local favorites sometimes are.  This… was not the case.  It was in fact, one of the most amazing dining experiences ever.  A disclaimer to keep in mind:  I never told anyone that it was our anniversary.  This just happened.

We arrived in time for our reservation and were greeted by the manager, who personally led us to our seats.  From there, the quality only got better.  The seating area was a relatively small space with only ~10 or so tables, with a few more outside in a nicely done patio.  We spent a little while looking at the menu, which looked delicious, and then our waiter came by, who gave us the rundown on all of the options, gave us some recommendations, and then vanished.  That sort of service was pretty much the norm.  They would come by often, asking us if we needed anything, then vanished.  At one point, someone managed to fill my water glass and I never even noticed it had been filled, even through he had been talking to us at the time.  I don’t think either of our glasses ever got less than 3/4 of the way full.  Our waiter was very knowledgeable about wine, and, in a happy surprise, suggested the cheapest wine on the list!

And then… then there was the food.  First was soup.  Hil got a delicious, creamy corn soup.  We didn’t expect it to be nearly as flavorful as it was… I’d gladly have just had that for dinner.  I had an excellent french onion soup, made, as the waiter proudly mentioned, with veal stock.  Yum.

CIMG2475 CIMG2473

Then, on to the main courses.  Hil got a herb crusted and seared tuna with cannelini bean mash.  I had a upscale version of chicken cordon-bleu with mashed potatoes.  Both were absolutely delicious.

CIMG2478 CIMG2479

So, if you ever find yourself in Santa Barbara and want a delicious dinner (although it is somewhat pricey) and great service, try Bouchon.






    That sounds like such a lovely time. Am glad your anniversary was so nice.

  2. I host an annual sustainable seafood event called Teach a Man to Fish. I also frequently update my “Featured” box with notes and news on Sustainable Seafood. I hope you’ll stop by and join us for the event. You can click on the links in that top of fold box to see what last year’s event was like.


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