Posted by: Hil | August 24, 2009

Manic Monday


I am through with my first Monday of the school year, and I am pooped.  I think that it will get easier once I get the hang of my schedule, but at the moment, everything feels a little bit crazy.  I did manage to make myself a lunch today, which I am very proud of.  My main dish was a salad with cannellini beans, spinach, sundried tomatoes and feta.  I made enough to have at least one day’s worth of leftovers, which cuts back on some of my lunch prep time later in the week.  I also packed a small orange, some v-8 juice, a square of dark chocolate, and a quinoa bar.  These quinoa bars are my new obsession.  I am extremely picky when it comes to bars, but these are great.  They are cheaper per calorie than most bars (99 cents for 230 calories), and they don’t have a bunch of junk in them:  the only ingredients are quinoa, sesame seeds, date syrup and rice syrup.  Each bar comes with three thin sheets of bar, which are crisp and somewhat chewy.  I am a big fan.


On the way home from school, all I could think about was Indian food, so the Lemonator and I opted for some TJ’s Indian fare. 


Packaged Indian food is often bland, but I love the spice combinations in this.  And there is something perfect about a dinner of perfectly spiced beans and rice.  So many cultures have some version of beans and rice, and I only wish that I was familiar with more of them.


For dessert, I had a few spears of dried mango.


Kimba is still teaching me sleep yoga, but I cannot do it as well as he can.




  1. Wow – Kimba, what a move!


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