Posted by: Hil | September 24, 2009

Be Prepared


I’ve spent the last week attempting to eat primarily according to the “formula” that I mentioned in the last post–my basic eating pattern from last fall.  It’s so much easier to resolve to do something than to resolve not to do something.  When dinnertime rolls around and you are starving and have nothing proactive planned, mac and cheese is going to win every time.   My return to my old eating patterns has worked really well.  I got in my veggies and protein and ate real, tasty meals rather than eating on the go.  I had cheese and dark chocolate and alcohol pretty frequently, but I ate them in moderation and really enjoyed them.  This week is probably the first week since I finished my summer job that has really felt like the rhythm I established last year, and it feels really good.  I wasn’t consciously monitoring my portions at all, but when I pulled a previously tight skirt out of the wash, it fit perfectly.  Go figure.

I adore vegetables, and the main reason why I don’t eat more of them is the prep time involved.  Preparing as many vegetables as I like to eat takes a lot of chopping!  After a big burst of cooking over the weekend, the prep time died down to a very reasonable level this week.  I made a big batch of roasted red pepper soup over the weekend, which made an easy vegetable appetizer or even light entree for dinner.   I also made a big batch of marinated vegetable salad, which I packed as a sandwich side dish in my sack lunches.  With many salads, the ingredients tend to wilt and become unappealing after a day or so, but the veggies in this one were hearty enough to last for a good long while.   During the week, I really only had to steam or saute a green vegetable to go with dinner, which doesn’t take all that long.  When I was really tired, I would just go with the red pepper soup and call that good.


I also drank a lot of water this week, motivated in part by the burst of warm weather LA is having.  Kimba tries to pass himself off as a case of sparkling water, but his camouflage skills need improvement.


As soon as I submit this post, I am leaving to pick up Blueberry Mom from the airport.  It is her birthday this weekend, and she has specified that she wants it to include lots of yoga, fish, fancy cocktails, and rich chocolate desserts.  I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Cooking tip of the week:  Whole wheat flour tends to make baked goods dense.  If you prefer fluffy pancakes, you can boost the lightness by separating your eggs and beating the whites until they form stiff peaks, then gently folding them in at the last minutes.  (These pancakes, for the record, are topped with banana slices sauteed in butter and real maple syrup.  YUM.)




  1. I am particularly interested in hearing about the decadent chocolate desserts 🙂

    Lovely soup!

  2. That all looks fantastic- have a great time this weekend!

  3. Thanks for the great tip about ww flour! Can’t wait to try it out…

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