Posted by: Hil | November 7, 2009

Guest Post from Blueberry Mom: Scotch Shrimp

I have been in a prolonged cooking slump, which Hil has been trying to coax me out of.

“Mama, you need to cook even if it’s just for yourself.”

“Remember, you taught me to cook!”

When inspiring thoughts such as these didn’t hit the mark, she got specific. “Frozen shrimp are really useful. They are full of protein and low in fat and they taste great and they’re always there when you need them.”

“But Hil, I don’t know how to cook shrimp.”

“You pan-fry them, Mama, and then you deglaze the pan with some form of alcohol, and then you add a pat of butter.”

“A pat of butter?”

“Yes, you know this, you add a pat of butter after you deglaze the pan.  Remember? Butter, your favorite food.”

Thus were born Scotch Shrimp.


I thawed ten precooked shrimp in some cold water, then dried them on a dish towel. I wished I had a cast iron pan to do some really serious searing with, but all I had was nonstick. I heated the pan at a heat somewhere between medium and medium high, then drizzled in some olive oil and placed the shrimp in the pan.  I was powerfully encouraged to find that the shrimp seared right up, browning as nicely as I could have wished.

I was so inspired that after the shrimp browned on the other side and I removed them to a plate, I decided to splash some good Scotch into the pan instead of my usual sherry. I deglazed, added butter, salt, and cayenne pepper, then scraped the sauce onto the shrimp.  (I didn’t use a lot of Scotch so I scraped rather than poured.)


Yummy!  All of you who happen to have some Scotch around, or any form of whiskey or even brandy, try this!  Actually I bet they’d be fabulous with tequila or rum.  The point is hard liquor instead of wine. The flavor really complements the shrimp. Plus you’ll get your protein.  And you will have cooked!



  1. I bet those shrimp are wonderful. I make some with tequila that are great over rice or salad. I will have to try them with scotch.

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