Posted by: Hil | November 11, 2009

Veteran’s Day


Thanks to everyone for your nice comments yesterday.  It made me feel a lot better to just say how I was feeling rather than stuffing it.  I am feeling better today.  I have just over a semester left of law school, and after that I will see where the wind takes me.  In gratitude, I hereby present you with cute kitty pictures.  This is Bagheera.  He is a cautious cat and does not do things like sleep ostentatiously in adorable yoga poses.  He is however, very affectionate once he is used to his surroundings. I love how his skinny tail curls into such interesting shapes.


Bagheera came to us with skinny legs and tail and a cute, soft little pot belly.  This pot belly appears to have been the result of a sedentary lifestyle resulting from a strict routine of hiding under beds except for during meal times.  Now that he is venturing out to climb on things and play with Kimba, his belly is shrinking.  I am in mourning for his belly, which was extremely cute, but I am happy that Bagheera is enjoying life outside the space under the bed.


Breakfast this morning was a delicious egg sandwich on Ezekiel English muffin with my favorite chipotle garlic hot sauce.  The Lemonator promised to wake up early to enjoy the holiday with me, but it is noon and I have only just now managed to rouse him.  I am going to go plot lunch.

Happy Veteran’s Day!



  1. The cat is so cute šŸ™‚ And that sandwich looks awesome!

    In your last post, you said that you’ve found places where applying you enjoy applying your legal skills. What are they?

  2. Hi Olga–I’ve emailed you my response, which ended up being more long-winded and detailed than I would prefer to post on the blog.

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