Posted by: Hil | November 30, 2009

Holiday Weekend


I had a fun weekend with a mix of continuing celebration and studying.  Kimba likes to hang out with me while I study.  Sometimes he curls up nicely on my desk or on top of my computer and sits quietly, while other times he crawls across my lap or keyboard purring and meowing and nuzzling me until I pet him.  Nonetheless, I was able to be pretty productive during the times when I sneaked away.

Over the weekend, the three of us went to see Cirque de Soleil’s show Kooza which was absolutely incredible.  I have been dying to see a Cirque de Soleil show for years, and this definitely did not disappoint.  The wheel of death act was incredible and they had the best juggler I’ve ever seen, by far.  Blueberry Mom was excited to see the show because she had heard that many former Olympic and college gymnasts work for CdS.  At intermission, she said with surprise, “This is a circus!  I thought it was a gymnastics show!” 

We also, naturally, had some great meals out.  On Friday, we went out to eat before going to see The Blind Side (a very cute movie).  We ordered a crispy flat bread for the table with pesto, arugula, and roasted tomatoes.


For our main dishes, we each ordered fish.  I love ordering fish in nice restaurants…its usually fresher and more varied than what I can find (or afford) in the store and its light enough to leave me with room for dessert.  We all shared bites of each other’s dishes.  I had pan fried Arctic Char with tangerine vinaigrette and green lentils.  Sustainable seafood note:  Arctic Char is a great alternative to farmed salmon, especially when wild salmon is not available.  The taste is extremely similar, but the methods used to farm it are much more environmentally friendly.


Blueberry Mom ordered salmon in lemon-caper sauce with brussel sprouts and celery root puree.   This was also delicious and inspired us both to resolve to cook celery root puree more often.  Celery root looks like an knobby brown lump in the store, but peeled and mashed, it produces a velvety puree that tastes a lot like a mashed potatoes with a light celery flavor.  Celery root puree, as you can see from the picture, doesn’t have as much body as mashed potatoes, but the mouthfeel is also quite similar.  It’s delicious.  As an added bonus, it has lots of vitamins and fiber and a lower glycemic index than potatoes.


The Lemonator ordered roasted trout with smoked almond butter, green beans, and potatoes.


For dessert, we ordered a batch of piping hot house made donuts for the table.  They were perfect bite sized morsels of sugar coated goodness that came with chocolate sauce and Meyer lemon custard for dipping.  This was a very fun and social dessert.  The Lemonator and I almost never get to share desserts due to his strong objections to cream, custard, chocolate, fruit and frosting, so finding a dessert he could share was extremely exciting!


We had one last breakfast out with Blueberry Mom this morning before sending her off to miss as much traffic as possible.


Dinner tonight was a fabulous Thanksgiving leftover soup with turkey and wild rice.  I sauteed onion, carrot and celery in leftover turkey fat (always save the fat when you roast poultry!), added thyme, rosemary, and several spoonfuls of leftover pan drippings that had separated out from the fat in the freezer.  I added Imagine brand free range chicken stock, leftover cava and a handful of wild rice and simmered until the rice was cooked.   For extra flavor, I spiked the soup with my secret ingredient:  several spoonfuls of Blueberry Mom’s fantastic turkey bourbon gravy.  At the last minute, I added chopped turkey breast.  This was so flavorful and satisfying.


Now it time for sleep…tomorrow is the last day of classes and then it is study, study, study.  Goodnight everyone!




  1. o.k now i’m hungry 🙂
    Love the picture of Kimba and the last picture of both kitties!

  2. The dessert for the table to share looks AMAZING. mmm homemade donuts!

    Thanks for the advice on ordering fish by the way! It’s an option I always overlook.

  3. What cute kitties. Those fish dishes look amazing. Yummy! I love a good turkey soup after Thanksgiving. Good luck on the studying.

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