Posted by: Hil | April 15, 2013

Asparagus and Feta Frittata


I am fickle about frittatas.  I will go for months where omelets and frittatas are staples in my regular lunch and dinner repertoire.  Then a few of them will burn or stick to the pan (this always happens when I am on my last egg) and I will go an on an unspoken egg strike.  After some weeks or months of this, a small voice will pipe up in the back of my head:  “Psst!  Remember frittatas and omelets?  Those things that are savory and delicious and can be made in 10 minutes from whatever you have in your fridge?  Remember how they are also cheap?  And good for you?”

“I’ll burn it.”  I reply to the voice sullenly.

Not if you watch it closely.

“It will stick to the pan and fall apart when I try to take it out.”

That’s why we add butter to the pan!  And if that happens you can just stir it up and call it a veggie scramble.

“Veggie scramble sounds less impressive than frittata.”

Just try!  You’ve done this a hundred times!

Eventually the small voice (of reason?) wins out.  This time, the star ingredients are both farmers market finds:  tender asparagus and fresh feta cheese.  First, I removed the tough ends of the asparagus and cut up the remainder.  Next, I sauté the asparagus in the bottom of my pan on medium heat with butter, thyme and minced garlic.


Next, in go four eggs (I was sharing with the Lemonator) beaten with a splash of milk.  When the eggs started to set up, I seasoned everything waith salt and pepper and sprinkled fresh feta over the top.  Finally, I stuck the whole pan underneath the broiler until the eggs on top set.  You can cook them until the top is golden brown, but I like my frittatas golden on the bottom and just set on the top.  Next the moment of truth:  will the frittata slide out of the pan in one piece so that I can cut it up and serve?




That wasn’t so hard after all.  Add some buttered toast, and brunch is served.  And it tasted delicious—fluffy egg, salty cheese and fresh asparagus and herbs make a great combination for a spring meal. 


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