Posted by: Hil | April 18, 2013

Pan-Fried Turkey and Scrambled Egg Sandwich



On a day-to-day basis, I rarely have time for new recipes.  For the most part, it is all about pulling the most flavor and fun that I can out of whatever fresh ingredients I happen to have in my fridge.  One trick that The Lemonator has taught me is pan-cooking plain deli turkey before adding it to a toasty sandwich.  Cooking deli turkey really gives it more flavor and texture.  The Lemonator eats his pan-fried turkey on plain buttered whole wheat bread.  I also like to combine my turkey with scrambled eggs—in this case, eggs scrambled with scallions and feta.  The creamy eggs, toasty bread and savory turkey are a very satisfying pairing that work equally well for for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I am finally starting to feel better from the flu.  I find that there tends to be an awkward to-exercise-or-not-to-exercise dilemma when you are recovering from an illness.  On the one hand, I am feeling quite a bit better, I am tired of taking it easy physically, and moving my body would feel really good.  On the other hand, I am still coughing too much to do much in the way of cardiovascular exercise.  I thought of going to a beginning yoga class yesterday as a way to ease back into things, but it occurred to me that I should probably wait on group exercise classes until I am positive that I am not contagious.  I decided that a short home yoga session was my best bet:  I could take things at my own pace, but still loosen up my stiff muscles.  The Lemonator joined me.  I love doing home yoga with friends and family (especially yoga newbies) because being in the role of teacher helps me to remember and focus on some of the important basics of yoga technique.  For the Lemonator, I came up with a short sequence that was geared towards developing proper alignment in down dog:  Lots of hamstring stretches, and lots of poses that involve pushing up and lengthening the body using the support of the arms.  Positioning and supporting through the hands, arms, and shoulders took me a long time to figure out in the basic yoga poses (I’m still a work in progress), and I think it is a common beginner’s struggle.  When you figure out how your body is supposed to be aligned, the poses feel completely different.  Then the real work begins!


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