Posted by: Hil | May 4, 2013

Mint Juleps

Blueberry Mom LOVES the Kentucky Derby.  She always watches and is known to throw parties on Derby Day.  I’m not sure why.  She is not Southern or particularly into horses.  I can think of three possible reasons for her love of the event.  1.  She loves sports of all types.  2.  Her beloved borzoi is frequently mistaken for a horse by small children.  3.  Bourbon is her favorite spirit and Derby Day is a perfect excuse to have a mint julep party. 

In Blueberry Mom’s honor, I whipped up a mint julep for Derby Day.


Traditionally, you muddle the mint and sugar to make a mint julep.  Blueberry Mom and I think that muddling alone does not impart adequate mint flavor to cocktails.  Mint  simple syrup is far superior.  (Ditto for mojitos).  Take approximately four sprigs of mint, cover with 1-2 tablespoons of water and 1-3 teaspoons of sugar or agave nectar, depending on how sweet you like your drink.  Microwave for one minute.  When the wilty boiled mint comes out then you can take a spoon and mash the mint to release the flavorful juices into the syrup.


Next, fill an 8 oz. glass with crushed ice.  If you don’t have crushed ice on hand, you can put ice cubes in a freezer bag and smash them up with a kitchen mallet.  Et voila.


Next, bourbon.  I like Woodford Reserve, which is the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby.  Add 1 1/2 shots of  bourbon to your glass.  You want the ice to start melting down to dilute the bourbon.  Next, add the minty syrup to taste.  Stir.


Garnish your glass with a sprig of fresh mint, sip slowly and enjoy!


The Lemonator would like it to be known that today is also another important day:  Star Wars Day.  I told him that I was unfamiliar with that holiday.  “Well, it’s May 4th, you know,” he explained patiently, as though this would elucidate matters.  I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about.  The Lemonator sighed:  “You know!  Like, May the Fourth be with you!”

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