Posted by: Hil | July 6, 2013

Behaving Myself Breakfast

The last month has been a happy blur—keeping busy at a new job, visiting with people passing through town for the summer, and trying to soak up as much summer as possible.  Lots of late snacking lunches at my desk in between meetings.  Lots of eating out with visiting friends and family.  Lots of home barbecue when we can call dibs on the communal grill fast enough.  It has been wonderful.  It is also time for a good-for-me-food kick—at least until the next event to celebrate.  More produce, more protein, more water.  Less snacking, desserts and eating out.  Balance in all things.

Any good recalibration begins with breakfast.  Some people do the fruit for breakfast thing when they are eating light, but I am a big believer in the power of eggs.  They fill up your belly so nicely and trick you into eating vegetables first thing in the morning.  Starting the day with protein somehow makes it easier for me to avoid snacking later.   So today was an order of behaving myself eggs.  Step by step instructions below.

Step one:  Make coffee.  Nobody can be expected to make breakfast without coffee.  Add cream.


Step two:  Procure chopped vegetables. Zucchini is great for this kind of thing because it keeps for awhile in the fridge, cooks up pretty quickly, and is cheap and in season right now.  Feel pleased that you had the self-knowledge and foresight to prechop a zucchini, knowing that you would have no inclination to chop vegetables first thing in the morning.


Step three:  Procure a small quantity of soft cheese, which will make everything creamy and delicious.  My mama likes cream cheese in her scrambled eggs.  I like feta and goats cheese when I have them, which I do not at present.  Because it is in our fridge, lasts forever, and is lower in fat, and is creamy and yummy in eggs, we select a wedge of laughing cow cheese.


Step four:  Saute your zucchini in a sliver of butter with eggs over medium heat.  You only need a tiny sliver, but I think that butter is by far the tastiest thing to scramble eggs in.  If the butter starts to brown, lower the heat.  Season with salt and thyme.


Step Five:  Rescue coffee from curious cats.


Step six:  Check the zucchini for doneness.  They should be soft but not mushy and the edges should be just beginning to carmelize.


When the zucchini are done, pour two eggs (beaten with a splash of cream or milk) over the zucchini.  Cut laughing cow wedge into chunks and deposit them around the pan.  Season lightly with salt and pepper.  Keep in mind that the cheese is salty, so season accordingly.


Step seven:  Stir eggs, watching the heat to make sure they do not overcook.  Think to self that a omelet would have looked prettier on the blog.  Remind self that self should have suggested that before stirring commenced.  When eggs are glossy and set, remove from pan and serve.  Season with additional salt and pepper if needed.


Step eight:  eat!

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