Posted by: Hil | November 24, 2009

Polenta and Preparations


There is much rejoicing in the blueberry house, because I have finally convinced the Lemonator of the merits of polenta.  I think that there are few things tastier than polenta paired with a dark green vegetable (preferably a leafy one) and a succulent protein.  I like getting little combinations of the different components on my fork and eating them together.  Above, we have smooth polenta mixed with fresh herbs and cream paired with fresh grilled prawns and broccolini.  The Lemonator protested about the price per pound of the shrimp (sustainable shrimp are often much more expensive), but changed his tune when reminded how satisfying shrimp are–you don’t need to buy very much to get a wonderful effect on top of polenta or pasta or in a soup.

The remaining polenta we ate with fried eggs and spinach.  To maintain a textural contras with the softer ingredients, we cut the polenta into disks and pan fried it in olive oil with minced thyme and rosemary until it formed a golden brown crust on the outside.  Getting a bite of spinach and polenta swirled in the egg yolk was delicious.  The eggs were from a new source.  It is small and local, but doesn’t advertise itself as organic or free range.  I am attempting to do some additional research, because the eggs were delicious and much cheaper than the brand I currently buy,


Thanksgiving is almost here!  We have done our shopping and I have made the pumpkin flans, so all I have left in terms of advance preparation is to make the roasted red pepper soup.  We saw some beautiful carrots at the farmers market, so we are going to throw those in with the turkey for the last bit of roasting time–simple and very quick to throw together but delicious and colorful.  I am excited.  I hope everyone’s holiday preparations are coming together well.



  1. I love polenta. I make a caponata that I serve over polenta which rocks. I love the shrimp. They’re ginormous.

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